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COVID-19 has increased pressure and time demands on those working across such operational areas as human resources, finance or compliance. Altius Group WHS Specialist, Matthew Counsel explains how outsourcing the Return to Work Coordinator function can be a simple way to ease the strain.

With so much focus required at the moment for changes within day to day operations, there can be an enormous peace of mind that comes from outsourcing the Return to Work Coordinator Service. This role typically:

  • Is time consuming on the whole
  • Requires keeping up to date with the latest legislative requirements to avoid potential fines and penalties
  • Comes with the added pressure of achieving successful return to work outcomes to minimise workers compensation premiums.

Altius Group’s Work Health and Safety team aim to make returning employees to work easy and stress free for both employers and employees. Here’s 5 Reasons why outsourcing the Return to Work Coordinator role makes sense.

When is the Right Time to Engage an External Return to Work Co-ordinator?

  • Best Practice is to formalise your Engaged Return to Work Coordinator arrangements prior to any workplace injuries occurring. This way you will have peace of mind that you are supported by experts when an incident occurs.
  • If you’ve just had your first workers compensation claim, or you have a claims portfolio that needs increased attention, now is also a good time.
  • Once you have set up an account with us, we will form part of your incident notification chain. When engaging an Altius Group Return to Work Coordinator, we will receive the incident notifications in real time, and Altius Group will make direct contact with the relevant managers and worker with an injury. Altius Group will manage the process for you from day zero.

Who will your Return to Work Coordinator be?
Altius Group Return to Work Coordinators (RTWC’s) are made up of senior team members who hold allied health qualifications, WHS knowledge and several years’ experience in workplace rehabilitation and navigating the complexities of workers compensation schemes. In relevant states, our Return to Work Coordinators also hold the required certifications and meet experience standards.

What do we do to Support the Return to Work Process?
Altius Group RTWC’s will support you in establishing an effective Return to Work Program and reporting structure. Our team will receive the notifications and be a first respondent to triage the claim and provide early intervention advice.

Our Return to Work Coordinators will lodge claims as required, identify suitable duties, and directly engage with treating physicians and allied health to formalise the Recovery/Return to Work Plan. Throughout the claim, our Return to Work Coordinators manage all stakeholders and develop strategies to promote an efficient, safe and durable return to work.

What is the Difference When you Outsource the Return to Work Coordinator Role?

  • You ensure the Return to Work Program meets state-based standards.
  • An Outsourced Return to Work Coordinator provides experience and expertise to improve Return to Work outcomes.
  • Improves claims costs and duration of Return to Work outcomes.
  • Outsourcing the role ensures a high level of care and support is provided to returning employees.
  • Delivers consistency and a level of independence in the management of compensable, non-compensable and workplace injury claims.
  • Enables internal resources to continue their focus on day to day operations without disruption.
  • Ensures transparency over Return to Work claims, costs and strategies.
  • Provides a single point of contact for all workers compensations matters.
  • Streamlines communication flow.

Visit Return To Work Coordinator Service for further details including how we scale our service to support businesses of all sizes.