We aim to make the complexities of injury management and the return to work process less challenging for employers and employees. Combining industry expertise and experience with innovative technology solutions, we ensure workers are returned to work efficiently, responsibly and sustainably.

Our experienced Return to Work Coordinators represent organisations to manage the complexities of workers who have sustained an injury and the associated engagement of doctors, insurers and treating professionals.

Many companies don’t have the luxury of an internal employee dedicated to return to work coordination. Typically, the role is taken on in addition to an employee’s other positions, in human resources, administration, accounts or as a safety warden. This often results in lowered expertise within injury management adding further pressure to an already stressful situation.

We work seamlessly with human resources, payroll and employees to deliver positive return to work experiences. This provides your team members access to expert support while allowing your employees to focus on what they do best. The outcome is commercially driven strategies developed to support your business goals.