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Altius Group’s Return to Work Coordinator services make the return to work process easy for employers and employees. Combining allied health expertise with innovative technology solutions, we ensure workers are returned to work efficiently, responsibly and sustainably.

Our consultants co-ordinate the engagement of doctors, insurers and treating professionals and work seamlessly with your human resources team, payroll and employees to deliver commercially driven strategies that achieve positive Return to Work outcomes.

We understand legislation and best practice guidelines and we ensure all stakeholders are consulted in the Return to Work process.

Outsourcing the Return to Work Coordinator Role:

Outsourcing the Return to Work (RTW) Coordinator role is a fantastic way for employers to provide cost-effective and proactive injury management services and helps to:

  • Save you time – so you can focus on your business and clients.
  • Saves money on recruitment, onboarding and skills development costs needed with an internal RTW coordinator
  • Reduces strain on internal resources
  • Improve Return to Work outcomes and timeframes – minimising your Workers Compensation premiums.
  • Provide end to end support from incident notification through to employee recovery.
  • Ensures you’re compliant with regulatory requirements, avoiding potential fines and penalties, and removes the frustration of managing claims internally.
  • Provides an element of independence - protecting a claims’ progress and knowledge of internal Return to Work procedures in the case of staff turnover.

How Our Return to Work Coordinator Service Helps Employers

Altius Group assists organisations of all sizes across a range of industries. Our Return to Work Coordinator Service is fully scalable to meet your demands. We tailor our services to enhance your current Return to Work structure, as well as providing the following:

  • Site visits, clear and regular communication, claims management administration, Return to Work management and development of Return to Work Plans – are all part of our service.
  • Case management expertise for all compensable and non-compensable matters and strategic claims reviews at an agreed frequency.
  • Monthly reporting summaries for national control and visibility.

Our up to date knowledge of regulatory requirements enables us to develop compliant Return to Work Programs. This includes outlining the Engaged Return to Work Coordinator's role in recovery at work planning, and managing workers with a work related injury or illness.

The Benefits of Our Return to Work Coordinator Service

Adaptable To Your Needs

We provide optional risk management services such as Employee Assistance Program and Rehabilitation Provider services for cohesive end-to-end support.

Provides Experience and Understanding

We are experienced in treating psychological or physical injuries, to return employees to work and resume a full and productive life. With the best of industry experience, professional training and creative problem solving, we assist employees to overcome a range of challenges impacting their transition back to work.

Delivers Outcomes Through a Professional Team Approach

Our allied health professionals are allocated cases to correspond with their expertise to ensure safe and timely outcomes. We are well versed in relevant legislation and best practice guidelines to ensure all stakeholders are consulted and considered in the Return to Work process. Intervention is proactive, goal-focused and cost-effective.

Claims Analysis, Review, Strategies and Support

We work with organisations to strategically reduce and manage the operational and commercial impact of workplace incidents. Since 2001, Altius Group has been at the forefront of the injury management industry delivering outcomes above scheme standards.

We work with your internal structure to ensure injury management systems are effective. Our goal is to ensure workers are returned to work efficiently, responsibly and sustainably. The outcome is commercially driven strategies developed to support your business goals.

Altius Group can implement strategies to reduce Workers Compensation premiums, improve safety and deliver commercial gains to your bottom line.