How much time do you spend managing workplace injuries and claims, navigating the workers compensation system and the challenges of returning employees to work? Here's 5 reasons why outsourcing the Return to Work Coordinator role makes sense…

Outsourcing the Return to Work Co-ordinator role ..

  1. Saves you time – so you can focus on your own business and customers.
  2. Improves return to work outcomes and timeframes – minimising your workers compensation premiums.
  3. Reduces the time and money invested in return to work skills development and provides continuity of knowledge in the case of staff turnover.
  4. Ensures you’re compliant with regulatory requirements, avoiding potential fines and penalties.
  5. Provides an element of independence and removes the frustration of managing claims internally.

Altius Group’s Return to Work Coordinator services make the return to work process easy for employers and employees. Combining allied health industry expertise with innovative technology solutions, we ensure workers are returned to work efficiently, responsibly and sustainably.

We co-ordinate the engagement of doctors, insurers and treating professionals, working seamlessly with your human resources team, payroll and employees to deliver commercially driven strategies that achieve positive return to work outcomes.

We understand the legislation and best practice guidelines and we ensure all stakeholders are consulted in the return to work process.