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About Us

CIM Employment by Altius is a Disability Employment Service (DES) and Disability Management Service (DMS) operating in QLD (Brisbane, Beenleigh, Browns Plains, Woodridge, Southport, Beaudesert), NSW (Sydney), VIC (Melbourne, Geelong) and SA (Adelaide). We deliver holistic, integrated services to job seekers with an injury, disability or health condition and support employers and workers across the entire life cycle of employment encompassing recruitment, injury prevention, early intervention, rehabilitation, return to work, vocational and employment support services.


Governed by the overwhelming philosophy that everyone has the right to work, we value our role in supporting and improving a person’s capacity for work. Our team of skilled and experienced allied health professionals and employment consultants work closely with employers, job seekers and workers to achieve long-term sustainable employment outcomes.

Our Approach

With years of industry knowledge and experience we enjoy sharing our expertise to support those living with a disability to find meaningful, suitable work and to support workplaces to accommodate their needs. We aim to help job seekers, workers and employers realise their potential for beneficial long term employment partnerships.


Our approach to disability employment services and job support is based on listening to the needs of job seekers, workers and employers and tailoring our service to each situation to deliver results.

We are a team of skilled and experienced occupational allied health professionals including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, counsellors, rehabilitation counsellors, exercise physiologists and employment consultants. Our multidisciplinary team enables us to offer a holistic approach to service that supports physical, mental and social health.

Recognised for our innovative and dedicated approach to delivering quality return to work outcomes and disability employment services, we choose only the best skilled allied health professionals to join our team, to uphold our reputation for service excellence.

CIM Employment Services

Career Transition Support

Career Transition Support

We offer free access to career transition support and allied health services for those in a...

Disability Employment Services

Disability Employment Services

Governed by the philosophy that everyone has the right to work, our disability employment services...

Employee Wellbeing Programs

Employee Wellbeing Programs

Our vision is to support employees to realise their health potential while helping organisations to...

Employer Recruitment Support

Employer Recruitment Support

We help create winning long-term partnerships between employers and employees. These partnerships...

Job Preparation Services

Job Preparation Services

We offer job preparation, job search assistance and career development support, with a focus on...

Work Assist Program

Work Assist Program

CIM Employment 's Work Assist Program is free to eligible businesses with employees at risk of...

How We Can Help

Supporting Employers

Our disability employment services (DES) and disability management services (DMS) include recruitment support, pre-screening assistance, workplace assessments and guidance in accessing financial incentives. We work with employers to help them with issues such as under-performing staff, staff at risk of losing employment or staff requiring on the job support or further training.

FREE Recruitment Services

CIM Employment by Altius offers a single point of contact for the recruitment process, including providing employee pre-screening and scheduling job interviews. Our vocational assessment tools ensure employers receive only appropriate referrals for interviewing

Work Assist Program

The Work Assist Program is free to employers and eligible employees who are having difficulty fulfilling the essential requirements of their role due to their injury, disability or health condition. Our services support employees in managing their physical and mental health through a wide range of innovative, integrated allied health services and workplace-based assistance.

We match specific employee needs with appropriate allied health services to deliver a tailored approach to managing their injury, disability or health condition - improving their workplace tolerances, capabilities and productivity.


We match specific employee needs with appropriate allied health services to deliver a tailored approach to managing their injury, disability or health condition - improving their workplace tolerances, capabilities and productivity.

Guidance on Wage Subsidies

We help employees navigate how to apply for financial assistance to employ our job seekers. We provide guidance to employers on how to establish traineeship and apprenticeship opportunities for job seekers as well as advice on mature age wage subsidies.

Workplace Assessments, Training and Health Management

To help employers ensure they are providing a safe workplace for long term, sustainable employment outcomes, we provide hazardous manual task training, ergonomics training and injury prevention services. We also provide employee health management programs covering back care and nutrition.

Work Placement Support

CIM Employment by Altius provides ongoing support after recruitment, offering employees continued access to our allied health services.

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