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While our workplace wellbeing programs are aimed to support employees to ‘realise their health potential’ across the three pillars of Physical, Mental and Social Health, when tailored to the health and wellbeing concerns unique to a work environment, these programs support a proactive approach to minimising risk in the workplace.

According to HAPIA’s 2010 Best Practice Guidelines “Workplace health programs result in a 41% decrease in workers compensation costs, which represents a $5.81 saving for every $1 invested”.

A recent Comcare paper, As One Working Together: Promoting mental health and wellbeing at work, reported “Supportive leadership and sound people management can reduce frequency and costs of workers’ compensation premium rates. This impact extends beyond psychological injury claims. National research indicates that workplace psychosocial factors can contribute up to 59% of the risk for the onset of musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace”.

Altius Group Workplace Wellbeing Specialist, Sharon Richens, says “These findings highlight the need to factor physical and psychosocial risks into a tailored approach to workplace wellbeing”.

Here’s a few examples of how our modules, delivered face to face or via webinar in an engaging style, support a proactive approach to minimising physical and psychological risk:

Building Resilience
Why is it that some people seem to have the ability to bounce back from adversity and continue to develop and grow? This module explores the concept of resilience and why it is so important. Practical resources are provided to support the development of resilience in individuals, that may help them to cope better with stressors at work.

Stress and Anxiety
Stress and anxiety are often viewed interchangeably, however there are differences in the causes and management of the two states. Knowing how to treat stress specific issues can increase resilience, performance and improve subjective wellbeing. This module defines stress, helps participants distinguish stress from anxiety and provides practical stress reduction strategies – that may help minimise workplace psychological risk.

Sleep Management and Fatigue
Inadequate sleep can affect our general health and wellbeing, reduce workplace productivity and performance, impact decision making and increase our risk of workplace injury. This session provides insights and strategies to improve sleep quality and help optimise sleep habits.

Manual Task Training
With over a third of workplace injuries associated with manual tasks, we guide employees through best practice for lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling or holding a load, object or person. This module is tailored to cover duties specific to each workplace.

Ergonomic Training for the Working Environment
Whether your team is on the road, working from home or in an office, our ergonomic tips and techniques will ensure employees are creating an optimal match between themselves, the work they perform and the equipment they use. This module aims to promote health and morale, minimise injury risk, boost productivity and decrease absenteeism. Designed and presented by our physiotherapists, occupational therapists and exercise physiologists, this module fosters an ergonomics ethos across all levels of an organisation.

This is just a small selection of the modules we offer, to demonstrate how a workplace wellbeing program supports a proactive approach to workplace risk.

Keen to start delivering an evidence-based workplace wellbeing program to your employees – but unsure where to start? Our Boost Workplace Wellbeing Program is a great way to get started. Boost is a wellbeing program focussed on boosting all the basics of your employees’ physical and mental health. Underpinned by our behavioural change based digital solution, AltiusLife, this program provides an accessible option for all organisations.

Boost includes our three one-hour core modules:

AltiusLife Launch: Engage your employees with everything they need to know to benefit from the digital platform and app. This introduces the behavioural change science behind the platform with a focus on how employees can maximise the features to boost their health and wellbeing – including watching their sleep!

Physical Wellbeing Focus: An introduction to the top tips, trends and takeaways for a wellbeing boost to everyday activity, sleep and nutrition that is meaningful and achievable for all.

Mental Wellbeing Focus: With many of us experiencing poor mental health, this module provides education to support individuals to feel equipped to recognise key issues and provides resources and direction to navigate mental health challenges.

Or design a program, selecting from our full menu of modules - visit Altius Workplace Wellbeing Programs for further information or contact us.