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Wellbeing Program Packages

Altius Group offers a range of workplace wellbeing packages, designed by our team of allied health professionals, that are evidence based, innovative and results orientated.


Our clear, simple workplace wellbeing packages make it easy for you to invest in the wellbeing of your most valuable resource, your people. Customised to suit the needs of each organisation - choose from 3 packaged options or pick our customised bespoke package. All workplace wellbeing packages include AltiusLife - our behavioural change digital platform to help employees thrive.

Whatever your preference, we work with you to develop a wellbeing program to suit your organisational needs and strategy.

By combining our clinical expertise, the science of behaviour, our national resources and commercial acumen we achieve industry leading outcomes that enable you to focus on what you do best.

‘Altius Group is a team of personable professionals, delivering services that make an enormous impact on the lives of people, businesses and communities.
Preventing physical and psychological injuries is not just possible, it is absolutely achievable. Engaging with experts who deliver evidence based solutions ensures a measurable and tangible return on investment for our clients’.
- Derick Borean, CEO Altius Group

Altius Wellbeing PackagesAltius Wellbeing Modules

Why Invest in Workplace Wellbeing

We make it easy for you to invest in the wellbeing of your most valuable resource – your people. Workplace wellbeing has come a long way. Today it’s seen as more than simply something that’s good to do. Evidence-based research backs this up and shows us that investing in workplace wellbeing:

  • Improves employee physical, mental and social health.
  • Creates a healthier, more engaged workplace.
  • Contributes to productivity gains of up to 15%.
  • Reduces employee health risk factors by 56% (NSW Department of Health).
  • Improves employee engagement and commitment and reduces absenteeism.
  • Reduces presenteeism (health-related work impairment).
  • Increases creativity and innovation.
  • Improves working conditions which can lead to fewer workplace accidents.
  • Delivers a Return on Investment (ROI) of $3 to $5 (2016 ROI White Paper, Employee Health, Workplace Health Association of Australia).

“Increasingly, we all understand that a holistic approach to wellness requires action in advance of the appearance of illness and that our ability to live healthy lives is inextricably linked to our time spent at work” (PWC, Workplace Wellness in Australia, 2010).

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports full time employees work just over 40 hours per week. Employers therefore have the best opportunity to influence healthy behaviours and to benefit from improved performance and return on investment of optimising the health potential of their people.

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How We Help


Boost Workplace Wellbeing

Boost provides just that, a wellbeing program focussed on boosting all the basics of your employees’ physical and mental health. Underpinned by our behavioural change based digital solution, AltiusLife, this program provides an accessible option for all organisations.


Boost includes our three one hour core modules:


AltiusLife Launch: Engage your employees with everything they need to know to benefit from the digital platform and app. This module gives an introduction to the behavioural change science behind the platform with a focus on how employees can maximise the features to boost their health and wellbeing.


Physical Wellbeing Focus: An introduction to the top tips, trends and takeaways for a wellbeing boost to everyday activity and nutrition that is meaningful and achievable for all.


Mental Wellbeing Focus: With one in five people experience poor mental health, this module provides education to support individuals to feel equipped to recognise key issues and provides resources and direction to navigate mental health challenges.

Balance Workplace Wellbeing

Balance is a mid-level wellness offering providing a combination of AltiusLife digital platform with a series of six modules, recommended over six months. Balance modules are evidence based, delivered by allied health professionals and most importantly target the most detrimental health behaviours relevant to a workplace, to deliver the highest health impact.


Balance includes the three core Boost modules together with three of your choosing from our wellbeing selection. We help you select the most beneficial modules for your organisation to achieve maximum impact for your wellbeing investment. If you are unsure of your team’s needs we offer wellbeing satisfaction surveys to identify key risk areas.

Best Workplace Wellbeing

Best is the most comprehensive offering and maximises the impact of your program for both your employees and your organisation. This offering also includes AltiusLife digital and focuses on providing twelve comprehensive, results orientated group modules. Together with the initial three core Boost modules, with Best you choose an additional nine workplace wellbeing modules. As with all our programs, we help you design most beneficial program for your organisation to achieve maximum impact for your wellbeing investment. If you are unsure of your team’s needs, our workplace wellbeing satisfaction surveys can help you identify key risk areas.

Bespoke Workplace Wellbeing

Bespoke is the program that allows complete customisation of our workplace wellbeing offerings to support you through group or individual customised modules. Depending on your needs, we will make suitable recommendations and work with you to manage key risk areas and your strategic objectives.


The Digital Platform Supporting Employee Wellbeing

Altius Group’s flexible on-line platform and mobile app underpins all our workplace wellbeing programs. AltiusLife is based on a neuroscience model focusing on physical, mental and social wellbeing delivering the benefits of health, happiness and security. The engaging platform supports behavioural change and personalises wellbeing by helping employees to balance their interests and responsibilities both within the workplace and at home. Employees gain access to great evidence-based articles, self-reporting health surveys, tips, ideas, health trackers and rewards. Each interaction is designed to help individuals realise their health potential throughout every stage of life.

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Altius Wellbeing Packages