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Emerging trends show a growth in the recognition of the benefits of workplace wellbeing programs, along with a focus on the individual’s needs and the adoption of digital platforms to support their wellbeing goals.

Employers are showing their faith in the evidence-based research on workplace wellness initiatives. Trends show that, in particular, they are recognising the employee wellbeing – risk association. They are also understanding they can increase productivity by supporting the key drivers impacting wellness.

Altius Workplace Wellbeing Specialist, Susannah Miall, says “I find one of the most interesting trends emerging from recent research is that employers are acknowledging how uniquely placed they are to influence wellness and drive impacts through awards and building morale around creating a healthy work environment”.

“With the average Australian spending over 40 hours a week in their workplace, this shift in thinking around workplace wellness will have positive impacts on our population longer term”.

Other emerging trends in the industry reveal a shift in focus towards collective, inclusive wellbeing programs that are personalised and focus on wellbeing solutions unique to individual employees.

Susannah says, “Altius Workplace Wellbeing Programs align with this trend as they offer customised workplace wellbeing assessments and a comprehensive needs diagnosis. We learn the wellbeing issues of individual employees and provide customised evidence-based programs with targeted results”.

She is also excited to announce Altius Group will soon launch a digital wellbeing platform, “Our wellbeing program is underpinned by a behavioural change digital platform to help employees thrive”, says Susannah. The use of digital platforms to support shifts in employee wellbeing is a key emerging trend.

Strategic ‘all in one’ offerings that ease program implementation are also on employer wish lists and the growing need for mental health wellbeing programs continues.

Workplace Wellbeing Program