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‘I would recommend this type of program to anyone in a similar situation. Anyone in my position tends to be negative because pain has taught us to be that way. I've learned that there's no chance at all improving any aspect of my life if I don't trust Josie and myself and just try.’ RAWI Participant

Client Challenges

The client was referred to Occhealth by Altius in February 2021 to partake in their RAWI Program (Recovery and Wellness Initiative). He had been diagnosed with ongoing back pain and restricted movement after 5 back surgeries from an injury in November 2016. Since leaving his pre-injury role as a bricklayer/Labourer, the client reported severe ongoing pain in his leg and back up to 9/10 on the pain scale, with ongoing postural strain symptoms resulting from increased sedentary activity.

The Goals of RAWI

  • Assist with upgrading work capacity and promote return to work.
  • Empower the client to independently manage his condition.
  • Increase confidence in movement.
  • Improve pain management, mood and wellbeing.

The RAWI Program

Sessions were conducted at a variety of locations, including a local gym and adapted to a local park once the gyms temporarily closed.

The client was equipped with Physiapp with his prescribed exercises available to him in written, picture and video format for him to review independently.

The client was prompted to complete his exercises daily through notifications sent to his phone.

The client was given access to our digital health and well-being platform Altius Life. And through this provided with various healthy recipes and evidence-based articles which provided proven strategies and tools for him to implement. Examples of these articles include.

  • “How to integrate exercise into your busy schedule”
  • “Stressed out? Here’s 5 things you can do”
  • “Mindfulness”
  • “How walking decreases stress”


The client demonstrated remarkable progress in his condition.

Since engaging in RAWI he has returned to cleaning the house, daily exercise, socialising more with friends and family, and is enjoying having returned to work.

  • The client upgraded from only 7 hours of capacity per week to allow him to engage in a course initially - to full time hours, full duties.
  • The client is now engaged in a full-time work trial as a drafter.
  • They have reduced medication from taking Lyrica and Targin, to now taking nil medication.
  • Increased functional capacity:
  • Walking increased from 10 min tolerance to 60min tolerance and is using walking as a method to alleviate and manage his residual back pain after prolonged sitting. 
  • Sitting tolerance has increased from 30 minutes to over 60 minutes with pacing and stretching.
  • Increased capacity from 14kg lifting restriction and limited bending and twisting - to unrestricted physical capacity regarding lifting, pushing, pulling, squatting and twisting as demonstrated in exercise physiology sessions.
  • Increased strength and mobility improved from:
    • 1 repetition of sit-to-stand in 30 seconds with severe leg pain improved to 11 repetitions in 30 seconds with no reported discomfort.
    • Inability to complete bench push up to now able to complete 16 floor push-ups in 30 seconds
  • Reports a reduction in symptoms in his back and leg with decrease in pain.
  • Reported lower back pain reduced from 6/10 to 1/10 (VAS) and managed with posture changes, movement and stretches.
  • Reported leg pain reduced from 7/10 to 5/10 (VAS) managed with exercise and listens to the ‘signals’ he gets from his body telling him to change what he’s doing and pace himself.
  • Psychosocial questionnaire scores improved indicating significant improvement in feelings of mood and wellbeing from a low/moderate to good level. And an increase in confidence in engaging in daily life despite pain.
  • The client has demonstrated a great capacity to self-manage their pain through regular walking, stretching and engaging in exercise both independently and with his personal trainer.


‘I was referred through my insurance company. I was not confident of results because of my history and pain level at the time. After working with Josie for this I am very happy with where I have gotten to.

I have now started a work trial in my chosen field and it's something that was always a problem due to my pain. I'm more confident that I can do things in general and now have more ways to assess and cope with pains that may not need to cause me great issue, something I didn't have before.

I have learned targeted stretching to areas that I had increase in pain in, and always try to improve on things. This program has helped me manage my injury because my back pain has all but gone. I do have periods of pain, but exercising, walking or stretching usually helps. My leg pain persists but I go through my stretches to try to ease it.

I would recommend this type of program to anyone in a similar situation. Anyone in my position tends to be negative because pain has taught us to be that way. I've learned that there's no chance at all improving any aspect of my life if I don't trust Josie and myself and just try.

Josie knows her stuff and has been quite happy to motivate me when I got negative which is exactly what someone in my position needs. Everything I have been given is what I need.’

Learn more about RAWI and if the inititative would be right for you and the people within your organisation.