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Workplace Health and Safety Consultants

Our national team of Workplace Health and Safety consultants assess, plan, and deliver solutions to improve employee health and safety and deliver cost benefits, through improved productivity and reduced Workers Compensation premiums.

We bring a solid understanding of WHS & OHS legislation, to a focus on compliance management and prevention. Our safety consultants are experienced in identifying key WHS/OHS concerns, gaps, safety issues, compliance requirements and providing best practice strategies to deliver beneficial outcomes.

Workplace Health and Safety Services

Workplace Health & Safety Audits

Our Workplace Health and Safety consultants review your business to make sure you are complying with the latest WHS/OHS legislation and providing a safe work environment for your employees. Helping workplaces audit their WHS Management Systems for compliance may take place as a simple Desktop Compliance Screening session or a more comprehensive on-site review.

Our WHS/OHS audits can include:

  • Desktop compliance screening
  • WHS Gap Analysis
  • WHS management system audits

Learn more about our WHS audit services.

Workplace Risk Assessments

We work with businesses to carry out workplace risk assessments, to help them to minimise harm and risk at work. This includes risks to their employees, customers, or others visiting their workplace.

Workplace Risk Assessments identify hazards and assess risk so that these risks can be controlled. Part of a workplace risk assessment is reviewing the effectiveness of such control measures over time and continually improving on measures to minimise risk and improve safety.

Learn more about our workplace risk assessments.

WHS Training

Our Workplace Health and Safety Consultants provide training programs to minimise risk and to educate and empower employees to take responsibility for their own safety. We tailor training to suit the safety education needs of each workplace to keep training relevant to the work tasks and safety specific to each workplace.

Learn more about our WHS Training services.

WHS Management Systems

A workplace health and safety management system is a set of policies, procedures, and plans that systematically manages health and safety at work with the aim of minimising the risk of injury and illness from workplace operations. The system may be paper-based or in the form of compliance management software, such as AltiusWHS.

Altius Group WHS/OHS consultants work with businesses to develop either paper-based or online systems. Our services range from creating the entire WHS Management System from scratch to consulting on small adjustments to ensure compliance.

Learn more about our WHS Management Systems.

Outsourced WHS/OHS Consulting

Organisations without the luxury of a full-time WHS/OHS resource are able to seek assistance from our WHS consultants on an as-required basis. Altius Group can be engaged for once-off inspections or scheduled to conduct regular periodic audits.

Organisations can request assistance for advice on a singular WHS concern or scale assistance to implement and drive entire elements of a workplace safety action plan. Our Outsourced WHS Consulting service is fully adaptable and scalable to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

WHS Improvement, Prohibition and Penalty Notices

If you’ve received a WHS improvement, prohibition or penalty notice we understand this can be a stressful time. Altius Group provides immediate support and assistance to resolve such matters as simply and timely as possible.

Scalable, Industry Specific Support

We advise on, and deliver, tailored solutions to meet the specific WHS/OHS needs of a range of sectors from construction, hospitality, and the motor trade industry to aged care, agriculture, education, and small to medium businesses. We tailor our WHS services to suit the size and demands of different workplaces and provide a responsive, scalable and tailored solution to help you manage your WHS obligations effectively. We also supply and implement software solutions to simplify and automate your WHS management processes.