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We support sustainable outcomes for those returning to work after injury - providing physical, functional and behavioural solutions to increase the capacity of an injured worker. Work Related Activity Treatment focuses on targeted, work related functional activity, setting SMART goals and self-management strategies – through workplace based, home and gym sessions.

Research indicates injured individuals receiving worker’s compensation have poorer recovery and return to work outcomes. With specialist experience, industry knowledge and evidence on board, our holistic programs support positive return to work outcomes.

Our allied health professionals, based across Australia, have years of experience providing solutions in the compensation space. Our allied health professionals assess each individual, match their needs with the best people and the best cost-effective strategies and then work with them throughout their program towards sustainable outcomes.

Our team works collaboratively with other professionals assigned to each individual. This may involve face to face conferencing or teleconferencing to facilitate medical certificate upgrades and discuss issues to promote an individual’s return to work.

The performance of activities specific to the injured employee’s job forms the basis of our treatment plans. Our professionals work with individuals in gym, workplace or home settings, determined by the nature of an employee’s program.

Workplace based sessions address workplace barriers and ensure manual handling techniques and self-management strategies taught during treatment are applied directly to the workplace on return.

We address bio-psychosocial factors and aim to empower independent management, communicating clear goals throughout our programs. Our treatment plans aim to increase the functional capacity of an injured worker as confirmed by a Certificate of Capacity upgrade and/or return to work.

 Our programs:

  • Focus on targeted, work related functional activity.
  • Include a strong biopsychosocial.
  • Work with individuals to set SMART goals.
  • Attend to medical case reviews.
  • Encourage workplace based, as well as gym and home sessions.
  • Focus on value added communication.
  • Educate individuals on empowerment and self-management strategies.