Whether you’re in need of a comprehensive review or one-time advice, Altius Group’s national team of WHS consultants assess, plan and deliver solutions to meet the needs of organisations across Australia.

We provide:

  • WHS Management System and Operations Audits/Screening
  • WHS Management System Compliance Audit
  • Safety System Development and Implementation
  • AltiusWHS Compliance Management Software
  • WHS Hazard Audits
  • Guidance through WHS Improvement, Prohibition and Penalty Notices
  • Return to Work Co-ordinator Services
  • Workers Compensation Premium Support

Altius Group WHS consultants provide onsite risk assessments, gap analysis and work with organisations of all industries and size on development of safe work practices, systems and policies. We offer development and support through tailored workplace training as well as through our advice line.

In 2017, 191 workers were fatally injured in Australia and 62% of all workplace injuries were a result of falls, trips, slips and body stressing. Agriculture, Construction, Manufacturing, Transport, Health Care and Social Assistance have the highest incidence rate for serious claims.

WHS Management System and Operations Audits/Screening
Altius Group delivers compliance, hazard and safety system audits and screening assessments. We partner with organisations to assist in the continuous improvement of WHS procedures and operations. Our national team of WHS consultants enables access to local service providers.

Safety System Development and Implementation
The Safety System is the framework for an organisation to manage its work health and safety. We provide gap analysis and implementation plans to enhance existing systems or assist organisations to develop a system from the beginning. Our safety systems ensure legislative compliance and provide a safer environment for employees.

Altius Group understands one of the highest insurance costs for a business can be workers compensation premiums, so we work with organisations to customise services to strategically reduce and manage workplace incidents.

AltiusWHS Compliance Management Software
AltiusWHS makes it simple for organisations, of all sizes across all industries, to comply with their Work Health and Safety obligations. The cloud based software ensures easy access to important health and safety documents while enabling any time reporting of hazards and incidents. Responsive design means you can access your compliance management software via laptops, desktops, tablets and mobiles and a host of supportive, user-friendly features make WHS management easy and efficient.

WHS Hazard Audits
Altius Group WHS consultants assist in the identification and control of WHS hazards in the workplace, to ensure a safe workplace is provided for every employee.

WHS Improvement, Prohibition and Penalty Notices
If you have received a WHS improvement, prohibition or penalty notice we understand this can be a stressful time. Altius Group provides immediate support and assistance with the aim of resolving such matters as simple and as timely as is possible. Please contact one of our WHS consultants for a complimentary consultation to ask questions and seek direction on your next steps.