Altius Group consistently achieves a high standard of safety and compliance for organisations by working with workplaces to establish and review their WHS Management Plans.

We deliver peace of mind – ensuring organisations are complying with the latest legislation, doing their best for their employee’s health and safety while providing a line of defence in the case of workplace injury or illness.

Our Work Health and Safety Consultants provide in-depth, up-to-date knowledge of WHS legislation and extensive experience in developing and implementing WHS Management Plans for organisations across a wide range of industries.

This support if backed by AltiusWHS, our WHS Compliance Management Software that enables organisations to simply and effectively comply with their WHS obligations.

WHS Reviews

Our comprehensive reviews of WHS management systems ensure organisations aren’t overlooking gaps in their WHS compliance - reducing the risk of harm to employees, prosecution and fines. Our WHS Reviews can be carried out via remote desk top, face to face or through on-site WHS Review appointments ($200 plus GST for metropolitan areas, travel costs may apply outside of service locations).

Altius Group WHS Reviews comprehensively cover: 

  • WHS screening for due diligence and ensuring workplaces understand current needs and compliance requirements.
  • A WHS compliance report.
  • Optional Altius compliance solutions including WHS Consulting Services and AltiusWHS Compliance Management Software.

WHS Compliance Audits and Reviews:

  • Identify and targeting compliance gaps.
  • Help navigate changing WHS legal complexities and WHS implications of varying organisational structures.
  • Help achieve legislative compliance - providing peace of mind.
  • Demonstrate due diligence.
  • Deliver a solid framework that prioritises employee safety. 
  • Save costs by reducing workplace injuries and insurance premiums. 
  • Minimise risks associated with non-compliance (workplace injury, civil/criminal legal action and penalties).
  • Deliver efficiencies through streamlined and simplified solutions. 
  • Provide access to experts, allowing you to focus on your own business needs.
  • Strengthen an organisation’s relationship with its advisor or broker partner.

WHS Compliance Management Software

AltiusWHS makes it simple for organisations, of all sizes across all industries, to comply with their Work Health and Safety obligations. The cloud based software ensures easy access to important health and safety documents while enabling any time reporting of hazards and incidents. Responsive design means you can access your compliance management software via laptops, desktops, tablets and mobiles. AltiusWHS provides a host of responsive, user-friendly and supportive features to make your WHS Management easy and efficient.

In 2017, 191 workers were fatally injured in Australia and 62% of all workplace injuries were a result of falls, trips, slips and body stressing (eg, lifting and overuse).

WHS Consulting Services

Altius Group has a national team of work health and safety consultants enabling access to local service providers. Our team can assist you with onsite risk assessments, gap analysis, development of safe work practices, system and policy development, training and support through our advice line.