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CIM Employment 's Work Assist Program is free to eligible businesses with employees at risk of losing their employment due to an injury, disability or a health  condition. Work Assist supports employees to maintain their employment while managing their injury, disability or health condition.

CIM Employment by Altius is an experienced Disability Employment Services provider – with a multidisciplinary team based across Australia. Our expertise across mental and physical health, job access and return to work support – enables us to achieve successful long term employment outcomes through the Work Assist Program.

What is The Work Assist Program?

Work Assist matches an employee’s needs with appropriate allied health services to deliver a tailored approach to managing their injury, disability or health condition. By accessing Work Assist employees are supported to improve their workplace tolerances, capabilities and productivity - through a wide range of innovative, integrated allied health services and workplace based assistance.

Who is Eligible for Work Assist?

An employee who is having difficulty fulfilling the essential requirements of their employment due to an injury, disability or health condition can seek free Work Assist support from CIM Employment by Altius, as a DES provider.

Injuries, disabilities or health conditions that may be covered by Work Assist include:

  • Mature age workers.
  • Individuals with chronic conditions including: diabetes; arthritis; cardiovascular disease and obesity.
  • Those with musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Employees with mental health conditions.

What are the Work Assist Eligibility Requirements for Employees?

  • Need to be currently employed.
  • Have been in their current role for a minimum of eight hours per week over a consecutive 13-week period, or there is an expectation that the employment will last for at least 13 weeks with a minimum of eight hours per week.
  • Are at least 14 years of age and have not attained age pension qualifying age.
  • Have been assessed by an allied health professional from CIM Employment as: having difficulty carrying out the essential requirements of their employment and require support to improve their workplace tolerances, capabilities and productivity.
  • Must reside in one of the following regions: Brisbane; Logan; Gold Coast; Sydney; Melbourne; Geelong or Adelaide.
  • Must be either an Australian resident or temporary protection visa holder.
  • Must not be studying full time.
  • Not currently registered with another Employment Service Provider.

Services Provided Through the Work Assist Program

  • Tailored worker support programs
  • Allied health support programs
  • Employer support strategies and plans
  • Counselling
  • Pain management
  • Assessments conducted by allied health professionals
  • Training
  • Job re-design
  • Workplace modifications
  • Hearing device support
  • Facilitated referrals as necessary

*Eligibility requirements apply to each of the above

We build lasting relationships with employers to ensure staffing requirements are consistently met. With expertise in injury prevention, early intervention, rehabilitation, return to work, vocational and employment support services, we support and improve an individual’s capacity for work.

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