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For workplace engagement - Our training empowers clients to shift their mindset, adopt positive attitudes and behaviours and improve their determination, to move from a pre-contemplative state of change. The Revive Program aims to engage, motivate and increase the confidence of clients to commence or resume vocational goal setting and seek new employment.

Through a series of modules, carried out one-on-one with an Altius Group rehabilitation consultant, we aim to break down the psychological barriers held by long-term, job detached clients, clients whose recovery has extended beyond recovery timeframes or those who’s existing jobs may be in jeopardy.

Altius Group rehabilitation consultants are experienced educators from a range of professional backgrounds including occupational therapy, rehabilitation counselling, psychology and motivational coaching. We have designed Revive Your Mindset to engage, motivate and increase the confidence of clients.

The training program targets individuals who demonstrate persisting negative thought patterns or who have become entrenched in problems related to their recovery or return to work. It aims to assist these individuals to:

  • Shift their mindset
  • Adopt positive attitudes and behaviours
  • Improve their determination
  • Rebuild their resilience and bounce back from existing and newly arising challenges
  • The training program seeks to ultimately move individuals from a pre-contemplative state of change toward preparation and action for achieving an optimal recovery, improved wellbeing and a successful return to meaningful work through the practical application of healthy thinking patterns.

 Revive Your Mindset: The Modules

The focus of the learning is to empower participants to commence or resume vocational goal setting and seek new employment through the delivery of five individual modules:

  1. Understanding Resilience and Developing Optimism
  2. Constructing Your Personal Model of Resilience
  3. Enhancing Your Key Relationships and Developing Your Social Connectedness
  4. Practicing the Art of Gratitude, Mindfulness and Acceptance
  5. Overcoming Obstacles Using Positive Psychology