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Our Return to Work support assists employees to overcome a range of challenges impacting on their transition back to work. Our consultants bring together the best of industry experience, professional training and creative problem solving to help employees resume a full and productive life. Intervention is proactive, goal-focused and cost-effective.

Our allied health professionals, from Rehabilitation Service and PeopleSense Injury Management, are allocated cases to correspond with their expertise to ensure safe and timely outcomes. We are well versed in relevant legislation and best practice guidelines to ensure all stakeholders are consulted and considered in the return to work process.

Our Recovery at Work and Return to Work plans, calendars and reports are directive, evidence-based and transparent. We have experience covering injuries occurring in State Workers Compensation, Federal Comcare and Compulsory Third-Party schemes, as well as those accidents or illnesses covered by life insurance and income protection policies.

What Our Return to Work Support Covers

Support returning to work can encompass a range of recovery and rehabilitation services. We work with all key parties to facilitate successful recovery and return to work outcomes.

Our tailored programs include:

  • Job Redesign: assistance tomodify tasks an employee may struggle with or training in new ways to work.
  • Workplace modifications:ergonomic assessments of work environments, advise on redesign requirements and support with administration for workplace modifications.
  • Building relationships with all
  • Physiotherapy: including musculoskeletal and spinal assessments andsupport to manage physical limitations while at work.
  • Educational programs: includingtraining in areas such as resilience, manual task handling and workplace ergonomics.
  • Health and Fitness Support: tailored programs for health maintenance, pain management guidance and programs toimprove mobility and physical capability.
  • Psychological Support: assistance and support through mental health programs, personal goal setting and support tomanage mental health and wellbeing while working.

Services are also tailored to support human resource risk management strategies and provide financially beneficial and sustainable outcomes.

Benefits of Return to Work Support

Although it’s great for employers to have a full team, many injured employees often don’t realise they are the ones benefiting from their return to work, experiencing:

  • A speedier recovery
  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • A maintained confidence in their abilities
  • Improved relationships