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We understand the challenges and complexities organisations and employees face that are involved with a return to work injury. 

Our Return to Work Services offer employees a range of options to help  overcome various challenges. By putting together processes and plans in order to help with their transition back to work. 

Return to Work Support

Altius Group's Return to Work Support assists employees to overcome a range of challenges impacting on their transition back to work. Our consultants bring together the best of industry experience, professional training and creative problem solving to help employees resume a full and productive life. Intervention is proactive, goal-focused and cost-effective.

Return to Work Coordinator

Altius Group’s Return to Work Coordinator services make the return to work process easy for employers and employees. Combining allied health expertise with innovative technology solutions, we ensure workers are returned to work efficiently, responsibly and sustainably.

Return to Work Rehabilitation

Our approach to service is based on what is best for an individual or an organisation – we identify our client’s needs and provide tailored workplace rehabilitation solutions to achieve the best possible outcomes. These solutions are supported by science and the best of professional expertise.


What is a return to work plan?

A return to work plan is an agreement between key stakeholders (usually the Employer, worker with an injury / illness and treating Physician) providing details of a staged recovery and graduated increase in workplace duties. The purpose of having a return to work plan  is to align all parties to anticipated recovery timeframes and expectations, while receiving support from the treating physician ensures any proposed workplace duties and hours are aligned to the workers current capacity.

Return to work plans are most effective when they have been developed in consultation with each stakeholder and plans are detailed with specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based goals (SMART goals).

What is a return to work coordinator?

A return to work coordinator is a dedicated employer representative who is responsible for implementing the return to work program or injury management program. Depending on which state your organisation is based, the return to work coordinator may need to have completed formal training and be certified to complete this role.

The return to work coordinator will operate as the key contact for workers who have sustained a workplace injury or illness and need assistance through a return to work plan. The return to work coordinator may be responsible for lodging claims, developing return to work plans and managing key stakeholders.

What is the purpose of a return to work program?

In NSW, the State Regulatory Insurance Agency (SIRA) introduced a formal and legal requirement for all businesses to have a return to work program. The purpose of this documentation is to standardise company policy which outlines an organisations commitment to workplace safety and provides general processes around workplace injury, injury management and return to work. In effect, this provides a consistent framework for employee support and recovery.

In NSW, a category 2 employer is able to download a simple 2-page return to work program template via the SIRA website. For category 1 employers, the return to work program is required to be more detailed and address each of the criteria outlined on the SIRA website. All employers should be aware of their legal obligations and provide clarity on how they support their workers

Do I need a doctor’s clearance to return to work?

Yes. If you have experienced a workplace injury or illness and have a current workers compensation claim, then you are required to have a return to work plan and doctors clearance to resume  work. Employers and workers should be clear of their jurisdictional obligations under relevant schemes.

If you have a personal or non-compensable injury or illness, there is no formal obligation to obtain clearance to return to work. However, if you or your employer believe this injury or illness may jeopardise workplace safety for you or others, it is considered a reasonable request for you to obtain medical clearance.

What are the benefits of return to work support?

Every person, workplace and injury are unique. At Altius Group, our return to work support is showcased through our consultants. They have a depth of knowledge, experience and programs to match your needs and tailor an intervention to achieve industry-leading results.

If you find yourself attempting return to work, our support and insights can make the difference in your recovery. Reach out and speak to one of our consultants about any challenges you’re facing, we would love to partner with you in your recovery.