On occasions where functional or psychological limitation prevents a return to prior employment, our consultants combine their specialist experience with evidence based tools and methods to empower individuals to actively engage in activities that enhance their prospects and ultimately achieve safe, sustainable redeployment outcomes.

Securing suitable employment is a complex task with various dimensions. Our rehabilitation consultants, vocational specialists and clinical psychologists provide structured and creative job seeking interventions.

We have experience assisting clients with a range of challenges, including workers over 50 years of age, workers from non-English speaking backgrounds, individuals with entrenched inactivity or motivational issues and those with limited transferable skills.

Altius Group has years of experience working with both individuals and organisations (in areas such as job de-design and workplace modifications) to create a match between the worker and the work they perform.

Tapping into our network of allied health professionals across Australia, we tailor our redeployment strategies to each case, to achieve social, financial and health benefits for the individual and organisation.