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Our allied health professionals, based across Australia, engage with clients via telehealth to deliver the Recovery and Wellness Initiative (RAWI), remotely. Through a series of on-line sessions, RAWI Remote supports clients, with physical or psychological injuries, unable to return to work or life.

RAWI Remote enables clients to engage with the program from their home or local community facility, such as a café or library. Through face to face teleconferencing sessions with Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPS) and Physiotherapists, clients receive the expert care and support they need, week by week, to aid their health, wellbeing, recovery and return to work.

We bring the same personalised recovery, health, wellbeing and workplace educational focus to our client’s remote appointment. Clients receive homework activities to support their recovery, wellbeing and self-management and our team collaborates with all stakeholders to align the approach.

Connect to RAWI Remote via Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone

RAWI Remote is simply set up via an online platform set up using your laptop’s web browser or via an App for telehealth via your smartphone or tablet. Our comprehensive onboarding support guides clients through the process.

Who May Benefit from RAWI Remote?

  • Those living in remote regions.
  • Those wishing to reduce the barriers associated with travelling to appointments – travel costs and time.
  • Carers of young children.
  • Employees unable to leave work – RAWI Remote enables face to face lunchtime sessions via their mobile device.
  • Clients experiencing difficulties attending medical appointments due to disability or frailty.

RAWI Remote Offers:

  • Psychosocial education to limit potential for secondary overlay to impact return to work.
  • Biological/Psychosocial support to minimise the potential for pain, dysfunction, isolation, poor motivation, low mood, dysfunction or fear avoidance.
  • Professional nutrition and diet advice to enhance recovery prospects and reduce weight gain while not working.
  • Functional education for the safe and sustained performance of activities of daily living and the incorporation of these into a work hardening approach.
  • The prescription of graded exercises in collaboration with treating health professionals.
  • Participation in medical case conferencing if or as required.
  • Guidance on sleep hygiene, community engagement and social interaction as key features of wellness and recovery.
  • A maximum of eight weeks intervention one on one with our allied health professionals with the frequency of sessions each week tailored to meet individual needs.
  • Access to an extensive library of resources on exercise, health and lifestyle information.

For Organisations:

Organisations should look to nominate appropriate claims for the Remote RAWI under the following criteria:

  • Employees unable to easily access in-person treatment due to residence or physical or psychological limitations.
  • Employees that have exhausted local treatment providers.
  • Employees with internet access and Telehealth system requirements.
  • Employees that require more personalised support or have a history of no-shows and cancellations.

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