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Our Pre-Employment Functional Assessments are a valuable part of the recruitment process and help build a strong foundation for a productive and healthy workforce. Our allied health professionals conduct PEFAs for a broad range of occupations and industries, with a strong background in assessing musculoskeletal issues and fitness for work.


PEFAs Strengthen Organisations By:

  • Ensuring candidates are well matched with the demands of a position
  • Forming the basis of a robust front line risk management strategy
  • Controlling the frequency and cost of injuries in the workplace
  • Increasing staff retention
  • Supporting workplace productivity

Our PEFAs are always based on latest evidence and best practice - using robust, objective assessment tools which are regularly reviewed. We incorporate a detailed medical questionnaire, thorough musculoskeletal screening and physical testing into our PEFAs in conjunction with functional assessment components, all tailored to the inherent requirements of the role.

We provide assessment outcomes based on current capacity, offering recommendations for reasonable adjustment where appropriate. For complex presentations, we facilitate referrals to GPs or occupational physicians for further investigation. Should specific workplace concerns arise, Altius Group offers a range of value-add options, such as drug and alcohol screening, audio screening and vision screening for distance, near and colour vision.

Altius Group PEFAs:

  • Provide valuable insight into an individual’s physical capacity to safely meet the functional demands of a job before they start work.
  • Clarify an individual’s medical history and determine the impact of past or current conditions on their capacity to carry out a job before they start work.
  • Provide candidates with an understanding of what a role entails and educate candidates on safe work practices before they start work.
  • Improve an organisation’s safety culture and reputation by establishing clear expectations around health, safety and work capacity.
  • Identify previously undetected health issues which may, with suggested management strategies, improve long term health outcomes for individuals and organisations.
  • Address specific physical or health concerns relative to an organisation’s work environment.