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This is the phone number for a critical incident response only and goes direct to PeopleSense by Altius.

For Altius Group general enquires, please contact us or call us at 1800 258 487 during business hours.

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Working with employers, insurers and brokers, we assist with managing the bigger picture complexities of claims and the impact of physical and psychological injuries on individuals, organisations, peers, finances and schemes – it’s what we do.

Our allied health professionals assist with the analysis of individual claims to establish the best course of action to achieve positive results and minimise premium impacts. Claims review attendance is available on request from the insurer or employer to provide injury and claims management expertise.

We communicate with treating practitioners, employees and employers and provide tailored support services to facilitate a safe and durable return to work. Throughout the process we work with employees to implement effective self-management strategies for their long term physical or psychological health.

We offer direct and on-call access to experience and expertise in dealing with injury and claims management issues.

Our injury management services guarantee organisational compliance, highly effective injury management, detailed documentation and insightful planning. Arrangements are flexible to include total function management or as an overflow resource for return to work coordinators and/or injury managers.

We help establish of a network of relevant providers of health services specific to the needs of individual organisations that allow direct input into the injury and health management process. Service standard agreements are negotiated with a focus on convenience, quality and value. The net result ensures service expectations are conveyed, processes are clearly acknowledged, and results closely monitored.