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About Us

Our highly experienced Organisational Psychology team offers best practice solutions to optimise the selection, engagement, development and performance of employees – while strengthening organisational culture and climate.

We tailor our psychological support services to a wide range of organisations across Australia - at the employee, team and organisational level.

We aim to:

  • Provide interventions and solutions to optimise performance across the employee lifecycle.
  • Provide a proactive and holistic approach to addressing employee performance and wellbeing within client organisations.
  • Identify, diagnose, manage and prevent people based risks within organisations.
  • Predict potential employee wellbeing risks and issues and to provide tailored support programs at different stages of employee lifecycle.

With clinics across Australia, we can provide organisational psychology services wherever your organisation is located.

Our Approach to Workplace Psychology

We believe it’s important to understand what is going on in your organisation, to listen to  employees and to analyse various business practices – in order to gain powerful insights that provide the opportunities for improvement at all levels within an organisation and across the employee lifecycle.

With a sound knowledge and understanding of both organisational strategy and employee behaviour, our Organisational Psychology Team are able to proactively identify, diagnose, and action issues impacting on performance and wellbeing issues across the business.  We provide the support where and when it is needed the most and where it will have maximum impact.

Our approach is always professional yet friendly, caring. We're focused on providing practical workplace psychology solutions tailored to organisational needs and goals.

Organisational Psychology Services

Recruitment Support and Assessments

PeopleSense by Altius Organisational Psychology aims to help organisations to Realise Human Potential by offering best in class solutions across the entire employee lifecycle. 

This begins with assisting organisations to select the right people for work roles.


Our Organisational Psychologists deliver a range of solutions to help organisations to clearly define role requirements and also to assess potential candidates against these requirements as part of the recruitment and selection process. Our core solutions to support the employee selection process include:

  • Role Profiling & Competency Frameworks
  • Volume Recruitment Assessment
  • Specialist Recruitment Assessment
  • Video Interviewing

Role Profiling & Competency Frameworks

Providing role clarity underpins best practice recruitment, performance management, remuneration and talent management practices within organisations. Having a clear understanding of role outputs, performance expectations and clarification on the competencies required to perform in a role can be highly motivating for employees, while also providing a framework for managers to use in their everyday people management activities.


PeopleSense by Altius provides a range of services that help organisations define roles, align role requirements to business strategy and provide clarity on the key characteristics that underpin successful performance in all roles.

Talent Acquisition Support

Through our partnership with Modern Hire (formerly Shaker Assessment International and Montage Video Interviewing), PeopleSense by Altius offers a talent acquisition platform which combines trusted science and technology to predict performance, ensure fairness and automate workflow – enterprise wide. Through our collaboration we’re now able to deliver this innovative hiring platform throughout Australia – to improve hiring results through more personalised, data-driven experiences for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers. The platform includes AI, predictive analytics, assessment, video interviewing and scheduling technology in a single SaaS solution that integrates with leading HCM systems. The scientific method thrives on big data and advanced analytics, and we apply these elements to hiring practices.


Meaningful Data Improves Performance: By combining data from sources across the hiring process and beyond, we can create large datasets of linked/related data points, and discover even more powerful relationships in the data. This enables organisations to make reliable, predictive decisions about people that impact organisational performance.


Meaningful Data Benefits the Employee: Effective candidate engagement ensures that the employer selects the best person for the job and that the candidate picks the best opportunity to suit his or her career objectives. Hiring decisions based on meaningful data support a candidate’s needs.


Volume Recruitment Assessment

We specialise in the provision of virtual job simulations for higher volume roles, scientifically proven to predict business outcomes such as improved performance, lower staff turnover and identifying future leadership potential at point of recruitment. 


Our psychologists help improve recruitment process efficiency by identifying candidates with the highest potential for success earlier in the recruitment process - saving time in managing a high volume of applicants. Our technology enabled solutions provide job applicants with a realistic role preview which serves to educate them through a candidate centric experience while assessing their capabilities against specific role requirements.

Specialist Recruitment Assessment

PeopleSense by Altius provides specialist assessment solutions to clients recruiting for more senior level or specialist roles which often require very specific capabilities and behaviours. Through our partner networks and relationships, utilising best in class assessment tools and technologies, we provide the level of support required to select the right candidates for such roles.


We typically provide these services to clients who have already shortlisted candidates, who require a more in-depth assessment and input into final interviews and reference checking.

As the largest employer of psychologists in Australia, PeopleSense by Altius has the expertise to deliver best in class assessment solutions.


We support the recruitment process for a variety of leadership and specialist roles within our client organisations through:

  • Culture fit assessments
  • Capability alignment
  • Providing potential interview questions
  • Candidate development recommendations for shortlisted applicants

Video Interviewing

Our purpose-built video interviewing software and platform transforms the hiring experience for both candidates and hiring organisations. It’s fast, easy and transparent – reflecting the experiences and technology candidates use every day. Our video interviewing capability ensures you’re able to engage, interview and hire the best candidates, quickly.