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Our accredited physiotherapists help organisations prevent or manage injury proactively in the workplace through tailored on-site physiotherapy services. Our on-site physiotherapy hubs help to reduce workplace injuries and claims, improve recovery time frames, reduce the risk of re-injury and educate and empower employees to take care of their wellbeing.

Employees who have sustained compensable or non-compensable injuries or chronic illness benefit from the service. Employees are referred to our on-site clinics via an agreed referral process discussed with each organisation. As an example, referrals may arrive via an employee’s human resources department or following a recommendation from their manager or supervisor.

Sessions are designed as an early intervention service to provide employees with sufficient advice and treatment to manage their musculoskeletal conditions in a safe and effective manner. Treatment consists of an initial assessment followed by four sessions, including thorough reporting of treatment plans and recommendations.

We aim to empower employees to adopt a self-management approach. Following these five sessions recommendations may be made regarding further intervention requirements, such as additional sessions or referral to other medical services.

On Site Physiotherapy benefits employees and organisations:

  • Tailored physiotherapy programs and education supports fewer workplace injuries and reduced workers’ compensation premiums.
  • An early intervention approach to injury and chronic illness improves recovery time frames and reduces the risk of re-injury.
  • Proactive intervention creates a positive perception supporting a positive culture.
  • On-site sessions support an ageing workforce.
  • Improves interactions between employees and the work they perform, minimising injury and improving recovery.
  • Programs guide employees in the next steps of their recovery, or in safeguarding their long term outcomes.
  • Increased workplace productivity through minimising health issues.
  • Determines appropriate work duties and recommendations for correct working postures and safe working principles – reducing injury, improving recovery.
  • Educating employees and empowering them to take care of their health and wellbeing, covering such issues as manual handling as well as the risks of static postures.