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NDIS Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology Services

Altius Group’s Accredited Exercise Physiologists carry out health and wellbeing assessments to develop evidence based, individualised exercise programs for participants, through face to face and Telehealth appointments. Altius Group’s Health, Exercise and Lifestyle Program (Altius HELP) aims to enhance functional capacity and empower individuals to independently manage their overall health and wellbeing through the provision of education on lifestyle choices as well as the benefits of exercise.

Altius HELP focusses on your life goals, to maximise your function and capacity, promote your independence and facilitate your community engagement. Altius HELP benefits participants by maximising your overall health and fitness by supporting weight loss, improving mood, reducing chronic disease risk, enhancing memory, improving posture, increasing energy and confidence, and improving mental health and physical strength.

Altius HELP is a fixed fee program which incorporates assessment of a participant’s health and lifestyle, exploration of a participant’s current functional capacity, review of current physical activity and diet, all leading to the establishment of short, medium and long-term goals. An individualised program of education and training is then created by our experts focusing on six key elements of a healthy lifestyle:

  • The benefits of consistent exercise
  • Good sleep hygiene
  • Improved mental health
  • Incidental exercise
  • Community and social engagement
  • Healthy mind, body and spirit

The program includes the provision of SMART apps to support ongoing health and wellbeing once the program is finished, ensuring all lessons learned during the program can be re-enforced as participants continue to progress toward their goals.

Call 1300 727 303 to speak with a specialist to help you start your journey