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Career Planning | Disability Employment Services | Altius Group

Career Planning Services

Altius Group is a registered NDIS Service Provider of Vocational Counselling and Career Planning, provided by our exceptional team of Vocational Specialists via Telehealth appointments. We have a proven track record in delivering evidence-based, individually tailored programs to assist participants who are considering voluntary positions and / or employment as a life goal. We work with each participant to explore existing voluntary and employment opportunities that utilise their skills and experiences in order to challenge them to grow, develop and contribute to their community.

Using local labour markets, allowing market trends to guide the process, our specialists conduct a comprehensive review of the participant’s educational, employment and psychosocial history, including avocational skills. We aim to support participants to create a career path that can underpin their future employment choices, identifying appropriate job clusters that relate to the physical capacity and skills of the participant.

Our Vocational Specialists:

  • Examine the rationale for a participant’s previous vocational choices to help guide new career directions.
  • Create a greater buy-in by the participant by discussing self-perceived tolerances, strengths and barriers to successful vocational opportunities, whilst identifying strategies to resolve these barriers using solution-focused counselling techniques.
  • Assess aptitude for achievement where retraining may be identified, examine any previous roles (including the participant’s intrinsic likes and dislikes for those roles) and explore personal interests to identify vocational goals specific to the participant.

At Altius, we aim to explore potential career choices, rather than dictate them based on assumption, using transferable skills to create clusters of potential vocational opportunities. Using real job descriptions and recent examples of voluntary positions/employment as part of the counselling process, the participant gains a better understanding of their local labour market, the opportunities within it and what these specific roles actually involve.

We review trends and changes in a participant’s local labour market, including potential areas for growth, using this to identify realistic job options - options that are suitable, realistic and the most direct means to employment, factoring in a participant’s skill set, as well as any training requirements.

Altius Occupational Therapists are then able to offer extended work trials over several months, allowing participants to truly experience being a member of the national workforce, to gain an understanding of employer expectations, to accept the responsibilities of their position, and develop a much better idea of the realities of their chosen field.

By the end of our program, Participants are much confident in the abilities, have a deeper understanding of what it means to be employed, and are provided with a detailed report of the various vocational options for which they are suited and can impress employers with their experience and skills.

Call 1300 727 303 to speak with a specialist to help you start your journey