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As experienced mediators, our registered psychologists prevent workplace tensions escalating into costly problems. We employ communication strategies, individual meetings and insights to bring together successful mediation interventions and agreements. Our professional, guided mediation service aims to resolve conflict and minimise the impact of relationship problems in the workplace.

Very few people are comfortable in a conflict situation. When such a situation arises in the work environment it can derail a good working team and create unhappy and unproductive workers. Sometimes managers are too close to a situation or lack the skills and knowledge to deal with it. Workplace Mediation can be helpful as an external expert can work with staff to help them manage their conflict.

The Mediation Process

The role of our trained and skilled mediators at these times of conflict is to empower individuals by hearing their grievances and guiding them in resolving the situation. Like most things in life, conflict is best resolved by the people involved as they understand the issues, their needs and options that may help them work together effectively. A mediation session gives participants the opportunity to discuss the issues in greater detail, to hear the other person and potentially to get a greater understanding of the issues from another perspective and to facilitate ideas to move forward.

Altius Group has been delivering Mediation Services in our Organisational Psychology, Return to Work and Employee Assistance Programs for over 10 years. Our focus is to tailor our services to meet our customers unique needs.

Our Mediators

Our accredited Mediators are nationally recognised in the delivery of the principles and standards underpinning mediation through NMAS (National Mediation Accreditation Standards) They maintain a high level of skill through ongoing professional development. They deliver mediations within Insurer, Workplace and Employee Assistance Program settings.

When is Workplace Mediation Required?

It is important that the people involved in the conflict attempt to resolve this themselves prior to a mediation. However, when these attempts have not been successful, or the issues are escalating and impacting the parties as well as those working around them, organising an external workplace mediator is beneficial. Conflicts can grow and people’s opinions and positions can become rigid over time, therefore implementing strategies to address this early can be helpful to longer term resolution.

Mediation within Workers Compensation

Mediation Services have become more common in the Workers Compensation and Return-to-Work services in recent years. This increase correlates with increasing psychological claims, bullying and harassment claims, and disputes that may arise following the lodgement of a claim. Our accredited mediators undertake these services to meet the requirements of relevant workers compensation bodies within Australia.

Mediation Services for Workplace disputes

Mediation Services are beneficial for a variety of workplace disputes to help facilitate positive communication and encourage strategies to prevent future issues from arising. At times, these services may expand to involve teams and groups of employees through cultural surveys, workshops, and training. For these types of situations, our Organisational Psychology Services can be beneficial to ensure that the Psychologist can seamlessly integrate these differing services and strategies to support workplaces.

Altius Group provides workplace mediation services for organisations across Australia. If your organisation could benefit from our Mediation and Conflict Resolution services, please contact Altius Group today