With over a third of workplace injuries associated with manual tasks, we guide employees through best practice for lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling or holding a load, object or person. To ensure our education helps to protect an employee’s fitness for work we tailor training to cover duties specific to each workplace.

Our allied health professionals, located across Australia, deliver Manual Task Training Workshops to a range of organisations nationally. As work varies greatly, our allied health professionals take time to assess the physical demands unique to each role and each workplace. Training is then tailored to cover the impact of duties specific to each work situation, with particular attention paid to impacts on employee musculoskeletal functioning.

Our Manual Task Training Workshops aim to empower employees to take responsibility for their own safety and physical well-being, covering:

  • Basic anatomy instruction including an awareness of the spine, its strongest and weakest positions, and the functions of discs when applying load.
  • The importance of risk assessments in relation to lifting, handling, carrying and unloading processes.
  • Safe methods of lifting, pushing, pulling and carrying - focusing on correct postures, positioning and breathing.
  • Risk factors for workplace specific issues such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Occupational Overuse Syndrome and shoulder injuries.
  • The importance of stretching, strengthening, sleep and diet to injury prevention.
  • A discussion of manual task practices specific to your work environment.