A thorough Job Task Analysis is the cornerstone to a range of workplace injury prevention and management strategies, providing critical information for recruitment, performance management, rehabilitation and vocational redirection. Our tools cover task performance, functional requirements of a role, specific training opportunities and pre-employment screening.

Our Australia-wide team of allied health professionals have extensive experience providing evidence based, industry best screening and consultation services to a broad range of employers.

Our Job Task Analyses examine the genuine occupational demands of a role – both the cognitive and functional demands. Functional demands are the physical elements required of any occupation. They provide a direct indication of the minimal abilities required of an individual to safely, consistently and efficiently perform a task, elements of a job or a complete occupation.

Job Task Analyses Benefit Organisations by:
  • Providing a strong foundation for human resources, work health and safety and return to work functions.
  • Building employee confidence through transparent and clear role expectations and performance measures.
  • Improving recruitment practice through clinically benchmarked Pre-Employment Functional Assessments (PEFAs).
  • Benchmarking relevant skills and competencies.
  • Supporting the management of workplace injuries, assisting planning and communication with all stakeholders.
  • Enabling a collaborative, empowering approach to the Return to Work process by providing consistent and objective performance requirements.
  • Identifying risk exposure allowing for task, personnel or equipment modification.
  • Providing a basis for training, induction and development of new team members and for the development of a suitable duties dictionary to communicate and provide a safe return to work.