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Our allied health professionals partner with individuals and organisations to provide treatment aimed at reducing complications and costs associated with individual claims. We take a tailored approach, assessing each individual’s barriers to recovery and to returning to work or pre-injury health, wellbeing and life. We establish the best treatment plan for individuals to achieve positive results and minimise premium impacts.

Injury Management Process

Our allied health professionals are able to attend claims reviews on request from the insurer or employer. We provide holistic, evidence-based injury management plans and help all stakeholders to navigate the complexities of claims.

As part of the injury management process, we collaborate to provide holistic treatment often needed to achieve timely, positive recovery outcomes. Our psychologists, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, rehabilitation and vocational counsellors work together to progress recovery.

We communicate with treating practitioners, employees and employers and provide tailored support services to facilitate a safe and durable return to work. Throughout the process we work with employees to implement effective self-management strategies for their long term physical or psychological health and wellbeing.

We offer direct and on-call access to experience and expertise in dealing with injury management issues. Our injury management services guarantee organisational compliance, highly effective injury rehabilitation, detailed documentation and insightful planning. Arrangements are flexible to include total function management or as an overflow resource for return to work coordinators and/or injury managers.

Service standard agreements are negotiated with a focus on convenience, quality and value. The net result ensures service expectations are conveyed, processes are clearly acknowledged, and results closely monitored.

Who We Work With

Working with employers, insurers and brokers, we assist with managing the bigger picture complexities of injuries. This includes the impact of physical and psychological injuries on individuals, the workplace, peers, finances and schemes.

Injury Management Services

Physical Injury Management

We offer a range of services to reduce the duration of complex injury management claims - designed to support a return to work or life following an injury.

The Recovery and Wellness Initiative - RAWI

We aim to reduce biopsychosocial barriers and physical deconditioning associated with not working through our Recovery and Wellness Initiative (RAWI). This program provides holistic treatment to those with physical or psychological injuries, unable to return to work or life.

Our allied health professionals, based across Australia, engage with individuals to provide personalised support to assist with their recovery journey and enable an easier transition back to work and life. RAWI sessions are conducted at an employee’s home, wellness facility or a location within the community - tailored to the individual’s lifestyle and wellbeing. We bring the same functional education and biopsychosocial approach to the community setting.

The Recovery and Wellness Initiative is designed to provide holistic support, not just to those with physical injuries. The program is also designed to support people with psychological injuries who are unable to return to work or regular activities of daily living, either indefinitely or for a limited time, due to their mental health condition. Evidence shows, exercise is an increasingly effective and beneficial front-line therapy for improving mental health. We understand that exercise tailored for mental health conditions should not be structured but rather focus on encouraging individuals to add more of the things they enjoy, such as walking in nature, into their schedule.

RAWI Remote

Our allied health professionals, based across Australia, engage with clients via telehealth to deliver the Recovery and Wellness Initiative (RAWI), remotely. Through a series of on-line sessions, RAWI Remote supports clients, with physical or psychological injuries, unable to return to work or life.

RAWI Remote enables clients to engage with the program from their home or local community facility, such as a café or library. Through face to face teleconferencing sessions with Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPS) and Physiotherapists, clients receive the expert care and support they need, week by week, to aid their health, wellbeing, recovery and return to work.
We bring the same personalised recovery, health, wellbeing and workplace educational focus to our client’s remote appointment. Clients receive homework activities to support their recovery, wellbeing and self-management and our team collaborates with all stakeholders to align the approach.

Psychological Injury Management

Along with managing psychological claims we offer services designed to reduce psychological injury that often occurs secondary to physical injury.

Mind Movement Program

Mind Movement is a treatment program designed to support those who have suffered a physical or psychological injury to get back on their feet. The award-winning program provides evidence-informed psychological treatment to help individuals experiencing poor wellbeing, disability or work disengagement post injury.

The treatment program is based on the fact that each client has unique circumstances affecting their health and wellbeing, acknowledging that psychological injuries often occur secondary to physical injuries.

The treating psychologist determines the best Mind Movement approach for each client – whether this be psychological treatment alone or an approach that includes other allied health support, such as exercise physiology. Mind Movement recognises the benefit of exercise for mood and the value of a combined approach for improving functioning with a range of mental health disorders and responses to an injury, including secondary depression and fear of re-injury.

Outsourced Return to Work Coordinators Service

There can be an enormous peace of mind that comes from outsourcing the Return to Work Coordinator Service. This role typically:

  • Is time consuming on the whole
  • Requires keeping up to date with the latest legislative requirements to avoid potential fines and penalties
  • Comes with the added pressure of achieving successful return to work outcomes to minimise workers compensation premiums.

Altius Group’s Work Health and Safety team aim to make returning employees to work easy and stress free for both employers and employees. Our Return to Work Coordinators (RTWC’s) are made up of senior team members who hold allied health qualifications, WHS knowledge and several years’ experience in workplace rehabilitation and navigating the complexities of workers compensation schemes. In relevant states, our Return to Work Coordinators also hold the required certifications and meet experience standards.

Altius Group RTWC’s support you in establishing an effective Return to Work Program and reporting structure. Our team will receive the notifications and be a first respondent to triage the claim and provide early intervention advice. We will lodge claims as required, identify suitable duties, and directly engage with treating physicians and allied health to formalise the Recovery/Return to Work Plan. Throughout the claim, our Return to Work Coordinators manage all stakeholders and develop strategies to promote an efficient, safe and durable return to work.

Visit Return To Work Coordinator Service for further details including how we scale our service to support businesses of all sizes.

Injury Management Consultation

Our Injury Management consultants assist insurers, employers, workers and treating doctors across Australia to find solutions to problems in complex return to work plans and injury management. They assess the nature of the problem and attempt to mediate a solution.

With access to a panel of medical specialists, we are able to provide impartial medical assessments and expert direction and support for complex cases.

If you identify the need for an injury management consultation, but do not believe it is necessary for the injury management consultant to talk with the injured worker, then you may request a file review.