Our tailored Home Office Assessments ensure those working remotely benefit from good ergonomics - promoting employee wellbeing and efficiency, decreasing risk of injury and limiting issues arising from poor ergonomics such as headache and fatigue, concentration difficulties, negative postural changes and poor tolerance to workload.

During home visits our allied health professionals assess workstation set ups and recommend changes or adjustments in line with ergonomic principles. Our services range from simple ergonomic assessments to more comprehensive consultations for those experiencing pain or symptoms. Altius Group also offers treatment plans for physical concerns relating to home office ergonomics.

What May the Home Assessment Include?

  • An assessment of individual task requirements, worker capacity and abilities and the overall organisation of the work they perform.
  • An assessment of home office equipment design, how it matches work requirements and whether it is set up to help an employee work healthily and efficiently.
  • An objective evaluation of hazards and risks within the home office, such as noise, poor visibility and environmental conditions.
  • A closer look at tasks with high repetition or work done over an extended duration.
  • Identifying and correcting poor postures, though education.
  • A discussion of mental demands, such as new technology and work responsibilities.
  • Recommendations for change and ongoing support to ensure ergonomic adjustments are adopted for the longer term.
  • More comprehensive assessments may be recommended to those experiencing pain or symptoms, or those likely to experience issues in future.

Employees gain the information they need to take responsibility for their own ergonomics for the longer term, learning:

  • Safe work postures, correct working angles of the upper limbs, sitting positions, viewing angles and optimal workstation layout.
  • How to make basic adjustments to workstations to promote neutral postures and ensure regular posture variation.
  • Strategies to balance the physical and mental demands of tasks and about the importance of stretch breaks.