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Our allied health professionals visit workplaces, including those of remote workers, to assess the suitability of a work environment for the work duties performed. We recommend relevant workplace modifications to ensure sound ergonomics – promoting health, productivity and wellbeing in employees.

All our recommendations for workplace modifications are made in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety legislative obligations of both the employer and the employee.

In some cases assistive technology may be recommended, incorporating devices that allow a person to independently complete certain aspects of their daily activities. Our occupational therapists review an individual’s current level of function and their required tasks and make recommendations to enable a person to meet these demands.

Customised workplace modifications can:

  • Decrease the risk of injuries common to office workers and reduce claims.
  • Where there is a loss of function, incorporate an assistive device that can be used to counteract this loss.
  • Support workers to increase output with less effort, boosting productivity and morale.
  • Decrease staff turnover and absenteeism due to issues arising from poor ergonomics such as headache and fatigue, concentration difficulties, negative postural changes and poor tolerance to workload.
  • Empower employees to adopt an ergonomic ethos for the longer term.