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With years of specialist experience and industry knowledge, our professionals design holistic programs, tailored to individual needs to support positive return to work and recovery outcomes. We assess individuals, match their needs with the best cost-effective and timely strategies, then work with them throughout their program towards sustainable outcomes.

Approaches to work duties and activities of daily living clients learn through the program can be applied to everyday tasks in the future. Our programs not only address an individual’s physical and psychological condition, but include exploring social issues impacting recovery, such as family barriers.

Functional recovery extends beyond exercise programs. To empower our clients to make changes for sustainable outcomes, our programs:

  • Identify gaps in an individual’s recovery process and fill these by educating them on factors that contribute to improved outcomes such as an understanding of injury, deconditioning and pain.
  • Highlight the psychological and physical benefits of returning to work and the importance of upgrading work capacity.
  • Cover pacing along with correct postures and manual handling techniques.
  • Promote the benefits of a tailored exercise program as opposed to non-specific home exercise.
  • Focus on targeted exercises to increase work related function.
  • Include exposure to normal activities as well as self-directed home exercises.
  • Include a strong biopsychosocial approach addressing pain focus, coping and empowerment strategies and minimising fear avoidance.
  • Educate individuals on the importance of heat/ICE in recovery.

OccHealth by Altius allied health professionals have expert knowledge in the treatment of conditions such as common motor accident injuries, whiplash, spinal cord and brain injuries, cancer, mental health conditions, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

We have strong experience supporting injured CTP and Life Insurance clients through our Functional Recovery Program. Our experience and industry insight enables us to offer a holistic approach focusing on upgrading functional capacity, return to work, health and well-being and promoting independence.

Our team works collaboratively with allied health and medical professionals assigned to each client, including attendance to medical case reviews.