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Our Functional Re-education and Empowerment Program responds to the growing need to support an increasingly ageing and injured workforce through positive and sustainable Return to Work and Pre-Injury Duties occupational health initiatives. The program’s key focus is training and education to reduce the risk of injury associated with workplace manual handling.

Our allied health professionals identify gaps in employee awareness and education and design training to meet specific workplace needs.

Our program aims to:

  • Increase awareness of manual handling techniques specific to an employee’s position.
  • Decrease the time an employee takes off work and increase the sustainability of Return to Work outcomes following injury.
  • Improve an employee’s confidence and functional capacity to return to Pre-Injury Duties (PID) and support them to obtain certificate clearance to return to PID.
  • Empower employees to practice their improved understanding of how to manage their symptoms and avoid aggravation of their injury in the future.

Altius Group has over 20 years’ experience providing treatment services and functional upgrading programs for workers compensation, CTP, life insurance, Medicare, DVA and Private Health Fund customers.

Our manual handling education and empowerment program has to date, for those involved, found:

  • An increase in employee confidence to return to Pre-Injury Duties (PID).
  • Improved confidence of treating practitioners in certifying fit for PID.
  • Short timeframes between end of program and PID certificate.
  • In cases where no claim was submitted, workers were capable of maintaining PIDs with greater confidence.
  • An increased awareness of correct manual handling techniques and increased understanding of how to manage symptoms and avoid aggravation in future.