Physical and Psychological - Our allied health professionals assess, and provide recommendations on, a person’s current physical and psychological tolerance for work. A well timed Functional Capacity Evaluation is an effective tool to guide the management of a complex or significant injury or health issue and provide clarity about a person’s safe work capacity.

For physical evaluations, Altius Group consultants are trained to observe for movement abnormalities, muscle weakness and self-limiting behaviours. Our allied health professionals have a strong background in musculoskeletal pathology and how this may impact on an individual’s return to work. We use reliable, evidence based assessment tools that may be tailored to specific physical and functional demands of a work role and an individual’s injury.

Our qualified psychologists provide psychological functional capacity evaluations to assess a person’s current psychological functioning. These assessments assist in clarifying a person’s work capacity and provide treatment recommendations. Our PeopleSense psychologists assess an employee’s psychological fitness for work, providing useful guidance for employers in relation to the management of employees and how to best support them within a workplace.

For both physical and psychological FCE’s , employers and employees benefit by:

  • Gaining reliable information in relation to an individual’s safe work capacity.
  • Receiving professional assistance with the management of complex or severe injuries or psychological issues, when a worker is experiencing recurrent aggravations in the workplace.
  • Receiving reports and recommendations to help assess a worker’s fitness for duty when they appear unable to cope with their current duties.
  • Identification of opportunities for workplace modification or reasonable accommodation.
  • Assistance with appropriate and safe redeployment into an alternate role or duties.

Concise and easy to interpret reports provide valuable information to help guide workplaces as they deal with issues concerning an individual’s functional and psychological capabilities specific to work roles. Recommendations may be used to facilitate a safe and durable graduated return to work through provision of appropriate suitable duties.