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Psychosocial Problems - We enhance recovery from primary physical injuries through an early intervention, cognitive behaviour therapy approach to help individuals overcome biopsychosocial barriers impacting on their return to work. Results of our pilot show at risk clients, who participated fully in the program, achieved a return to work in 62% of cases.

SafeWork Australia 2017 estimates the cost of injury and illness to the Australian economy to be $61.8 billion per year. The personal cost to the individual can be equally devastating with research showing individuals can experience depression, isolation, anxiety and frustration, often leading to functional impairments and extended recovery periods.  Evidence shows early intervention to clients at risk of long term disability (within 1-12 weeks post injury) can reduce the negative impact these psychological factors have on a person’s recovery.

 The Enhanced Recovery Program aims to:

  • Increase a client’s functional capacity and understanding of their injury and recovery process.
  • Increase work capacity with a focus on goal setting for wellbeing and functional improvements.
  • Reduce their risk profile for long term disability and failure to return to work.
  • Increase engagement in rehabilitation or physical therapy treatments.
  • Improve a client’s general activity levels.
  • Reduce the risk of substance abuse and medication reliance.
  • Increase the client’s likelihood to return to work or upgrade their functional capacity.

The program is time and cost defined, applies evidence-based and best practice interventions, is goal-directed and focused on increasing capacity, addressing:

  • Pain Management: Understanding pain and strategies to enable improved functioning with pain.
  • Adjustment to Injury: Managing the impact of injury and associated emotions that impede recovery or return to work.
  • Anxiety Disorders and Reactive Depression: Secondary to physical injury.
  • Biopsychosocial Factors: Such as lack of perceived support, poor coping, poor health or limited motivation to engage in treatment.