Employers increasingly recognise the risk associated with poor employee health and wellbeing. At Altius Group we work with you to provide solutions with purpose and impact. Our evidence based, customised wellness programs take a holistic approach to key areas of physical, mental and social health.

Our vision is to:

  • Support employees to realise their full health potential
  • Help organisations improve productivity by improving organisational wellbeing culture

With an experienced team of allied health professionals, Altius Group is uniquely placed to provide your integrated workplace wellbeing program. Our diversity of expertise enables us to offer complete solutions, simplify delivery with one provider and maximise your investment to increase productivity.

We work with organisations to research needs, identify key risks and factor in timeframes, budgets and strategy. These steps ensure we fully understand your wellness objectives, desired outcomes and measurement criteria. Based on this pre-program planning we design an engaging, customised program delivering wellness education modules for individuals or groups with proven results – all boosted by our digital wellness platform, AltiusLife.

We cover subjects as diverse as work environments, digital culture, movement, strengths, resilience, mindfulness, leadership, stress and anxiety management, sleep, mood, community engagement and relationships.

With Australians spending more than one third of their life at work – the workplace plays an important role in the wellbeing of workers and their families. Research shows workplace health programs result in up to a 25% decrease in absenteeism and up to a 41% decrease in workers compensation costs, which represents up to a $5.81 saving for every $1 invested (Workplace Health Association Australia).

Our programs drive behavioural change and benefit employees by:

  • Increasing health awareness and knowledge
  • Improving physical and mental wellbeing and resilience
  • Increasing energy and vitality
  • Maximising work enjoyment and fulfilment
  • Improving concentration and productivity
  • Helping them to develop or sustain positive team and personal relationships