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On-Site Drug and Alcohol Testing

Our certified consultants administer efficient and accurate drug and alcohol screening tests to minimise the health and safety risks posed by recreational drug use.

What is On-Site Drug and Alcohol Testing? 

It is drug and alcohol testing that is conducted on-site – at your office, your workplace or even an external workplace. Our trained consultants will come to you, and can be engaged to conduct either oral or urine drug and alcohol testing in accordance with the Australian Standards.

Why On-Site Drug and Alcohol Testing is Important 

WHS legislation and regulations, whether State-based or National, in most cases, do not have specific requirements relating to drugs and alcohol. However, they do specifically require risks to be managed, eliminated or reduced wherever possible.

With the prevalence of drugs (including alcohol) in Australian society, it is reasonable to always consider drugs and alcohol as risks to be managed in the workplace. The impact of drug and alcohol can pose a significant risk to individuals and organisations, particularly when conducting activities such as plant and machinery operations. 

Our Approach to On-Site Drug and Alcohol Testing 

Altius Group conducts On-Site Drug and Alcohol Testing in accordance with Australian Standards AS/NZS 4308-2008 (Urine) and AS/NZS 4760:2019 (Oral).

Upon arrival, our testers will ensure the collection environment is prepared according to the requirements of the standards. The area should be clean, safe and support the privacy and confidentiality of the participant.

Our testers will confirm the identity of the person being tested, and that the test is being conducted in accordance with the organisations Drug and Alcohol Policy. 

Prior to commencing, we will explain the process to the participant and gain consent. Testing is always carried out in line with the manufacturer's specifications.

Why We Use Saliva Testing

Saliva tests are a popular alternative to urine drug tests because they are quick and easy to use, require minimal preparation, and are cost-effective. The specimens are a lot harder to tamper with, as samples are collected in full view of the person administering the test.

Results are obtained within a matter of minutes.

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How Do On-Site Drug Tests Work?

By outsourcing your drug testing, you can utilise just one source to oversee and perform all aspects of a drug-testing program, from the policy, to collection, analysis, and reporting, saving you in set-up and equipment costs, not to mention employee time.

Our consultants are appropriately trained, and we will provide the testing equipment. You just need to tell us where, when and who we are to test, ensuring that the testing is in line with your organisation's policies.

When Can You Drug and Alcohol Test Your Employees?

Drug and Alcohol testing must be completed in accordance with the organisation's relevant policies. Organisations should have policies and procedures in place which outlines the process for selection of people to be sampled including:

  • Totally at random
  • Fixed time intervals
  • Everyone as they enter a worksite
  • After an accident or incident
  • On suspicion of drugs or abuse
  • As part of a return-to-work program
  • As part of conditions relating to parole or for other corrections purposes

How Long Does it Take to Receive the Results of a Drug and Alcohol Test?

Results are obtained within a matter of minutes. However, if a non-negative result is obtained the result may be sent away for confirmation testing in accordance with Chain of Custody legal requirements.