As one of the highest insurance costs for a business can be workers compensation, we work with organisations to customise services to strategically reduce and manage the operational and commercial impact of workplace incidents. Since 2001, Altius Group has been at the forefront of the injury management industry delivering outcomes above scheme standards.

Our team of allied health professionals deliver innovative, client focussed services to promote recovery and return to work. Our national team of Return To Work Coordinators and Rehabilitation Consultants, together with innovative technology solutions, support your organisation to realise its health potential while delivering commercial gains.

Our experienced consultants will represent your organisation to manage the complexities of workers who have sustained an injury and the associated engagement of stakeholders including doctors, insurers and treating professionals.

We work with your internal structure to ensure injury management systems are effective. Our goal is to ensure workers are returned to work efficiently, responsibly and sustainably. The outcome is commercially driven strategies developed to support your business goals.

Altius Group can undertake a review of your workers compensation insurance premium. We implement strategies to reduce premiums, improve safety and deliver commercial gains to your bottom line.