Altius Group conducts specialised audiometric testing in line with guidelines for employees exposed to workplace noise. We co-ordinate, implement and record audiometric tests to comply with state by state recommendations as part of your WHS Management.

Our audiometric testing is carried out by occupational therapists, exercise physiologists or physiotherapists with specialist training in this area, in line with Australian/New Zealand Standards. We help you to navigate the recommendations or guidelines provided by each state around testing to make sure employee’s hearing is adequately protected.

When is Audiometric Testing Recommended?

Audiometric testing should be made available to all persons likely to be exposed to workplace noise above exposure criteria in line with state-specific WHS guidelines. We help organisations to navigate their state’s guidelines and recommendations.

To protect employee’s hearing, it is generally advised audiometric testing be carried out within three months of commencing work, and every two years thereafter when working in a noisy environment – typically in workplaces which require the use of personal hearing protection equipment.

How Audiometric Testing Can Protect Workers Exposed to Workplace Noise?

  • Audiometric testing helps identify any issues that require more effective noise protection management.
  • Helps monitor hearing function and potential loss resulting from workplace noise.

Did You Know?

Audiometric testing is soon to become mandatory in most states to protect employees exposed to workplace noise. SafeWork NSW include mandatory audiometric testing within their regulations, however, at present they include an exemption to allow workplaces sufficient time to implement the practice.