AltiusWHS Compliance Management Software makes it simple for organisations, of all sizes across all industries, to comply with their Work Health and Safety obligations. The cloud based software is designed to manage and minimise safety risks to your employees.

Responsive design means AltiusWHS Compliance Management Software can be accessed easily via laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile.

AltiusWHS Compliance Management Software - Benefits for Employers

Saves money: Capturing and recording your safety activity keeps your workplace productive your and workers compensation costs down.

Saves time: With all the tools you need to capture safety activity and monitor your progress simply you’ll spend less time tracking how your workplace safety is going.

 Provides expertise: Our WHS consultants help you drive AltiusWHS to ensure compliance.

 Ensures legal compliance: As AltiusWHS Compliance Management Software is aligned with the latest legislative framework.

 Provides peace of mind: By making it easy to capture hazards, actions and incidents on any device and log your response … and providing resources backed by up to date evidence and legislation.


AltiusWHS Compliance Management Software is simple with a host of supportive, user-friendly features incorporating all the online tools you need for:

  • Reporting and Investigating Incidents – through online reporting forms and auto-generated email notifications landing directly in key stakeholder inboxes.
  • Safety Planning and Compliance – with tools to establish and allocate compliance tasks unique to your workplace and monitor their progress via the dashboard.
  • Customised Inspections and Audits – with functions to help you create, schedule and ensure inspections are completed.
  • Monitoring of Hazards/Corrective Action – input, track and monitor such actions and improvements, complete with reminders.
  • Human Resources Management – store worker emergency contacts, training details, worker’s compensation documents and performance management information in the one accessible place.
  • Accessing Information – including health and safety manuals and your organisations’ internal policies and procedures.
  • Sharing Information and Reporting – the software enables real time reporting so you can check how your safety program is progressing. Useful information is easily shared – such as chemical safety data sheets, contractor documentation and relevant training documentation and certificates.
  • Covering your Insurance Needs – manage all insurances, registrations, licences and certificates with useful reminders as expiry dates approach.

AltiusWHS keeps you one step ahead for all things Work Health and Safety through email notifications, the easy-overview dashboard and social media integration. The Permissions Management feature ensures organisations are able to control what users can see and do within the system while storing all your important health and safety records in one place, securely.

At Altius Group we work with organisations to integrate AltiusWHS Compliance Management Software into workplaces, providing unique solutions to address people and workplace related risk.

AltiusWHS Compliance Management Software + Altius Group Support
  • Our Outsourced WHS Consultants help you to ensure compliance and drive your WHS systems.
  • Altius Group Engaged Return to Work Coordinators provide first-response to workplace injuries in ‘real-time’.
  • Customised notifications for workplace incidents to connect to your support network - this may include the Rehabilitation Provider, RTWC or insurance broker.
  • Connect your employees to your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider by providing employees access to support through the online platform.
  • Critical Incident Response and connection to expertise during crisis.
  • Data collection and analysis to provide strategic workplace solutions to address WHS and Workers Compensation trends.
  • Integrated platform connecting you to your insurance broker for assisted claims and policy management.