AltiusWHS enables organisations to simply and effectively comply with their WHS obligations. The cloud-based software, scalable to organisations of all industries and size, is designed to take the stress out of meeting WHS requirements while connecting workplaces to expert assistance when they need it most.

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How it Works
AltiusWHS provides a complete automated WHS management system through over 110 modules. Uniquely, AltiusWHS is powered by a database of 7 million records, including chemical safety and risk information, as well as Safe Work Method Statements (SWMs), Risk Assessments and Standard Operating Procedures.

The modules within AltiusWHS automatically generate WHS plans and project specific safety plans. To simplify use, the system provides pre-generated Safe Work Methods Statements (SWMS) templates and a live feed of up-to-date product information from a proprietary database of 7 million records which ensure complete compliance.

The Solution to WHS Safety and Compliance

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AltiusWHS has the unique ability to deliver integrated solutions and provide an end to end, cohesive approach to employee safety. The software generates solutions combining WHS Consulting, Critical Incident Response, Employee Assistance Plans (EAP), Injury Management and Outsourced Return to Work Coordinator service – through a singular point of management.