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Our ADL Assessments measure an individual's level of functional ability with consideration to their performance of self-care tasks, domestic maintenance and general community mobility. The focus of an ADL is always to provide the injured party with improved independence while maintaining safety.

An Activities of Daily Living Assessment may be required:

  • After an individual has sustained a serious injury or health condition.
  • If an individual is experiencing reduced success to maintain their independence as a result of their injury or health condition.
  • If there is a risk that an individual’s every day activities may aggravate their injury.
  • To assist with a return home for an individual following surgical intervention or hospital inpatient stay.
  • When an individual has been reliant on paid services or assistance from family/friends and needs education on gradually pacing and upgrading ADL tasks to promote recovery and return to independence where possible.

Our recommendations typically entail specific education, and the provision of assistive aids as required, to increase a client’s independence and improve safety in their home environment. 

Where external assistance may be warranted our occupational therapists will assess a client’s needs relative to their functional abilities and limitations and consistent with scheme eligibility requirements. Consideration is given to the most durable and cost effective equipment and modifications, in line with best clinical practice guidelines.

An ADL Assessment checks the individual’s ability to undertake such activities as:

  • Personal care tasks (showering, grooming).
  • Ambulation and transfers within the home environment (related to use of toilet, bed and type of flooring).
  • Management of medications.
  • Management of finances.
  • Domestic tasks including gardening, laundry, shopping and meal preparation.
  • Accessing transport and community facilities.

Our occupational therapists provide on-site education including strategies to enhance their client’s independence. Clients receive a comprehensive report covering:

  • ADL assessment outcomes.
  • Cost effective, innovative solutions for any difficulties identified.
  • Recommendations on assistive equipment and home or vehicle modifications.
  • Advice on scheme funding entitlements.
  • Follow up assistance with prescribed equipment if required.