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Rehabilitating people who have sustained injuries or illness to optimise productive participation in work and life

Our people first restore process

Our allied health professionals provide an innovative approach to the assessment, collaboration, planning and management of complex injuries for individuals, workplaces and insurers. Through programs tailored to individual needs and workplaces, we aim to achieve for our clients productive, meaningful and durable employment in the same or alternate role.

Restore Services

Our workplace stretching program empowers employees to take control of their safety to improve productivity and prevent injury. Learn more!


Our registered, clinical psychologists deliver tailored Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) for organisations, enabling them to offer their employees, and eligible family members, access to free confidential and professional psychological support for personal or work-related issues. Our approach is friendly, caring and focused on providing practical solutions.

Our allied health professionals visit workplaces, including those of remote workers, to assess the suitability of a work environment for the work duties performed. We recommend relevant workplace modifications to ensure sound ergonomics – promoting health, productivity and wellbeing in employees.


Workplace managers and supervisors gain access to our clinical and organisationally-trained psychologists for support dealing with the mental health, resilience and wellbeing of their employees. Our MAP provides vital support for issues ranging from managing difficult behaviours, performance and stress management to organisational change and redundancy support.

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