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Our people first protect process

We’re all about helping you to champion a positive health and safety culture within your organisation, helping you understand compliance obligations and put them into practice. Our team of medical and allied health professionals provide customised workplace education and prevention programs, offering total solutions to health challenges specific to your workplace and empowering employees to take responsibility of their own workplace health, safety and wellbeing.

Protect Services

Altius Group conducts specialised audiometric testing in line with guidelines for employees exposed to workplace noise. We co-ordinate, implement and record audiometric tests to comply with state by state recommendations as part of your WHS Management.

AltiusWHS makes it simple for organisations, of all sizes across all industries, to comply with their Work Health and Safety obligations. The cloud based software ensures easy access to important health and safety documents while enabling any time reporting of hazards and incidents. Responsive design means you can access your compliance management software via laptops, desktops, tablets and mobiles and a host of supportive, user-friendly features make WHS management easy and efficient.

Altius Group consistently achieves a high standard of safety and compliance for organisations by working with workplaces to establish and review their WHS Management Plans.

Whether you’re in need of a comprehensive review or one-time advice, Altius Group’s national team of WHS consultants assess, plan and deliver solutions to meet the needs of organisations across Australia.

Our registered, clinical psychologists deliver tailored Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) for organisations, enabling them to offer their employees, and eligible family members, access to free confidential and professional psychological support for personal or work-related issues. Our approach is friendly, caring and focused on providing practical solutions.

With lifestyle factors impacting significantly on workplace absenteeism, productivity and engagement, regular health screening can help identify risks to employee health and contribute to improvements in employee wellbeing. Baseline screening aims to identify individual and workplace related health issues or barriers, providing a foundation for strategies to optimise employee health.


We help to promote employee wellbeing, increase efficiency, decrease the risk of injuries, reduce claims and boost productivity all by empowering employees to adopt an ergonomic ethos for the long term. Our assessments ensure workstation ergonomics create an optimal match between employees, their work and the equipment they use.

Our Home Office Assessments ensure those working remotely benefit from good ergonomics. Our professionals assess workstation set ups on-site and recommend changes or adjustments in line with ergonomic principles. Services range from simple ergonomic assessments to more comprehensive consultations for those experiencing symptoms.

A thorough Job Task Analysis is the cornerstone to a range of workplace injury prevention and management strategies, providing critical information for recruitment, performance management, rehabilitation and vocational redirection. Our tools cover task performance, functional requirements of a role, specific training opportunities and pre-employment screening.

Workplace managers and supervisors gain access to our clinical and organisationally-trained psychologists for support dealing with the mental health, resilience and wellbeing of their employees. Our MAP provides vital support for issues ranging from managing difficult behaviours, performance and stress management to organisational change and redundancy support.

With over a third of workplace injuries associated with manual tasks, we guide employees through best practice for lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling or holding a load, object or person. To ensure our education helps to protect an employee’s fitness for work we tailor training to cover duties specific to each workplace.

Our accredited physiotherapists help organisations prevent or manage injury proactively in the workplace through tailored on-site physiotherapy services. Our on-site physiotherapy hubs help to reduce workplace injuries and claims, improve recovery time frames, reduce the risk of re-injury and educate and empower employees to take care of their wellbeing.

Workplace ergonomics training helps employees create a better match between themselves, the work they perform and the equipment they use – promoting workplace health, minimising the risk of injuries common to office workers, boosting productivity and morale and decreasing staff turnover and absenteeism.

Our vision is to support employees to realise their health potential while helping organisations to improve productivity and their workplace wellbeing culture - by offering a flexible program that is engaging, evidence based, innovative and results orientated.

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