Engaging with organisations and people at risk due to illness, injury, trauma or exposure to hazards

Our people first engage process

Our multi-disciplinary team helps employees and organisations navigate their way through complex health issues, to ensure workplace policies and protocols are implemented with integrity and sensitivity. Altius Group aims to minimise the impact of health issues in the workplace through understanding, assessment and effective, tailored solutions.

Engage Services

Governed by the philosophy that everyone has the right to work, our disability employment services (DES) aims to support and improve a person’s capacity for work by providing holistic services to employers and people with injury, health conditions or disability through recruitment, return to work and employment support services.


We offer job preparation, job search assistance and career development support, with a focus on helping persons with a disability, injury or health condition to obtain and maintain long-term employment.


We match specific employee needs with appropriate allied health services to deliver a tailored approach to managing their injury, disability or health condition - improving their workplace tolerances, capabilities and productivity. Our skilled and dedicated multidisciplinary team works closely with clients to deliver successful outcomes.

Our Results