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Mental health should be a WHS priority. Join our webinar in April 2022 to find out how to prioritise mental health in your workplace.

Prioritising and provisioning for your employee’s mental health is no longer a nice-to-have, it is a WHS priority. In the workplace, mental health is fast becoming the main issue affecting employees and employers across the globe today.

Why Mental Health is a WHS Priority - Webinar

Date: Thursday 14 April 2022, 2:00pm AEST, 12:00pm WST

This webinar will look at the rise of mental health as a key WHS issue showing how deeply it is connected to environmental and workplace safety. Physical and mental health are intertwined and influence each other, though the connection can be tricky as mental health is not necessarily visible.  

We will look at the nature of workplace safety as a shared responsibility between the employing organisation and the employee. The webinar will help you outline a Call-to-Action and guide you on the responsibilities both parties need to commit to. These include:

Areas of WHS under an Individual’s control:

  • Risk assessment
  • WHS committee
  • Starting a discussion with work
  • Starting a conversation with someone at risk
  • Self-care

Areas of WHS under an Organisations control:

  • Mental health audit
  • WHS Gap Analysis
  • Psychosocial risk assessment
  • Skills and culture development
  • Basics include MAP, EAP, CIR, education

The Webinar will be jointly led by Ahelon Annathurai, a registered psychologist with PeopleSense by Altius, and Matthew Counsel, the General Manager of Business Development for Altius Group. 

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