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“The most common conversation we have around workplace wellbeing is about how to get started. Most workplaces we talk to have an increasing desire to build workplace wellbeing programs into their organisation, but lack direction on how and where to start”, says Sharon Richens, Altius Group Workplace Wellbeing Specialist.

Altius Group’s Boost Workplace Wellbeing Program has been designed with this in mind – the program provides a Boost to your employees’ wellbeing while gathering an understanding of their wellbeing needs from data, to steer you in the right direction when it comes to allocating further time and funds to wellbeing programs.


  • Provides all the basics to start a workplace wellbeing program supported by an evidence-based digital platform for all your employees.
  • Is tailored to the wellbeing needs of your workplace.
  • Provides data and feedback to steer your future wellbeing commitments.

Here’s how it works:

What is Altius Group’s Boost Workplace Wellbeing Program?
Boost is a wellbeing program focussed on boosting all the basics of your employees’ physical and mental health. Underpinned by our behavioural change based digital solution, AltiusLife, this program provides an accessible option for all organisations.

Boost includes our three one-hour core modules:

AltiusLife Launch: Engage your employees with everything they need to know to benefit from the digital platform and app. This module introduces the behavioural change science behind the platform with a focus on how employees can maximise the features to boost their health and wellbeing.
Physical Wellbeing Focus: An introduction to the top tips, trends and takeaways for a wellbeing boost to everyday activity and nutrition that is meaningful and achievable for all. We’ve tailored this program to provide physical wellbeing advice relevant to the impacts of COVID-19 on your employees.
Mental Wellbeing Focus: With one in five people experiencing poor mental health, this module provides education to support individuals to feel equipped to recognise key issues and provides resources and direction to navigate mental health challenges. We have been delivering mental health wellbeing programs to support the mental health of employees across a range of industries during COVID-19.

Tailored to Your Workplace
We work with you to make sure the content within the physical and mental wellbeing modules is tailored to your workplace. Here’s an example:

We recently delivered a wellbeing program to a Victorian based organisation whose employees were specifically struggling with the stress of working from home and managing school aged children and social isolation. The focus of the mental wellbeing boost specifically addressed tips and strategies to deal with these issues, leaving the employees with improved self-care skills and an understanding of how to support others.

How Boost Provides Evidence to Steer Your Workplace Wellbeing Program
As employees use the AltiusLife digital platform, they are able to engage in content specific to their own wellbeing goals. We support your workforce to choose relevant and meaningful wellbeing goals. We are able to, respecting privacy, access this data to identify trends in issues of greatest importance to their physical and mental wellbeing – and then tailor a future program to meet these areas of interest.

During Boost sessions, delivered either online or in person, we are also able to gather feedback on other areas of interest to employees. Building a customised wellbeing offering across all pillars of physical, mental and social health, we are able to deliver a program to maximise impact and results.

During COVID-19 and beyond, we’re able to deliver the program online and provide fully supported webinar delivery.

Altius Group Workplace Wellbeing Programs specialists are here to work with you, to support you to achieve your organisational vision through optimising the health of your people.