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Mental Health Australia promote this international day (visit to challenge perceptions about mental health, to encourage open and honest conversations, recognising the part we all play in creating a mentally healthy society. It’s about reducing the stigmas around mental health to make way for people to seek help and support.

Through our Workplace Wellbeing Modules we aim to make discussions around safeguarding mental health and optimising mental health commonplace. In fact, over one third of our workplace wellbeing modules are focussed on addressing areas impacting mental health. Our mental health modules have been created by our PeopleSense by Altius psychologists in collaboration with our wellbeing experts – to present evidence-based insights and advice to make lasting impacts.

PeopleSense by Altius Clinical Psychologist, Laura Fildes, says “Mental Health is no longer just about illness but about wellbeing for everyone. Our workplace wellbeing training courses provide your employees with practical skills they can use to improve their mental health”.

“People often ask us how to ask someone if they are okay, or how to convey their concern or care for an individual. But the secret is this isn’t a psychologist skill, it is a human skill. Check in with others early and often. It doesn’t matter how, as much as that you do it. Our wellbeing modules can ensure staff feel confident to have these conversations”, says Laura.

Lets Talk About Mental Health – Regularly

Our mental health focussed modules are designed to encourage open and honest conversations and provide strategies to optimise psychological wellbeing. We explore:

  • Sleep management and fatigue
  • Building resilience
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Digital health
  • Positive people and psychology
  • Changing habits to optimise health
  • Healthy body, healthy mind
  • Emotional intelligence

We recognise that different workplace have different workplace issues that impact on the mental wellbeing of their employees and so we’re able to work with our team of psychologists to tailor conversations around mental health to provide the right support… the important thing is to keep talking.