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Susannah Miall, Altius Group Workplace Wellbeing Specialist, explains why adaptability is key when it comes to workplace wellbeing programs.

We’ve spoken to many organisations of varying sizes across ranging industries over the past 12 months and one thing is crystal clear – when it comes to wellbeing solutions for workplaces, every workplace, just like every employee, has a different set of wellbeing priorities. Adaptability is key.

They not only have different needs, but differ in the resources (both time and budget) they are able to dedicate to this area. One thing organisations do have in common is their commitment to reducing workplace risk and ensuring their employees are working in an environment that is both physically and mentally safe.

This is why we have created our adaptable Boost, Balance, Best and Bespoke Workplace Wellbeing Packages, to make sure that each workplace is able to hand pick a package - to match the amount of time and resources they’re able to commit. We work with organisations to understand the main issues facing their employees across the areas of physical, mental and social health and the associated risk factors for their business, whether large or small.

Within each package, clients are then able to hand pick a selection of modules, guided by our expert advice, to meet the health and wellbeing needs identified amongst their employees. We know resources are limited and that is why we focus on impact and delivering strong risk reduction, returns on wellbeing investment and providing feedback based on results.

This ensures that the time and resources devoted to workplace wellbeing hit the spot, and offer real solutions to clearly defined health and wellbeing needs within any one workplace.

All Altius Group Workplace Wellbeing packages are backed by our digital platform, AltiusLife. The digital platform is based on Dr Roy Sugarman’s* neuroscience expertise to inspire healthy behaviours and habit change to support individuals to achieve their personal wellbeing goals.

We understand that organisations want to factor workplace wellbeing into their human resources management planning – however most workplaces lack the time and expertise to adequately support and drive wellbeing programs. AltiusLife is designed as part of our suite of wellbeing services to create an engaging workplace, concerned with employee wellbeing.

Connecting your employees with the AltiusLife platform and app improves their work-life experience through self-service content, toolkits and coaching. The App enables you to gain insights into wellbeing trends and interests within your organisation and provides information for employee wellbeing reporting and data to support your wellbeing initiatives – including:

  • Informative content supporting wellbeing
  • Great wellbeing tips
  • Health assessments and surveys
  • Life action tools to help chart progress
  • Evidence based model that supports lifestyle behavioural change


*Dr Roy Sugarman, Clinical Neuropsychologist and Clinical Psychologist