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As we roll out our new Workplace Wellbeing offering, Susannah Miall, Group Corporate Wellbeing Specialist, shares insights behind the program’s development.

At the core of the new Wellbeing Program by Altius is an understanding that integration of face to face sessions facilitated by our team of experts together with digital support optimises impact and engagement.

It has been integral to the evolution in the wellbeing space to develop a program that encouraged employees to take steps, to act, to improve their wellbeing. While it’s good to have the theory and evidence to support optimal physical, mental and social health, in today’s busy world, it is not always realistic that this knowledge is converted into behavioural change for wellbeing improvements.

Research has shown every dollar invested in wellbeing has a return of between $3-$6 and we know as employers, investing in our people leads to improved outcomes for all. Reduced risk, lower absenteeism, improved performance and resilience all result when employees are feeling supported in their wellbeing.

Working with our allied health experts across the pillars of physical, mental and social health ensures we can deliver a program that supports employees in realising their health potential. At the same time, we’ve worked to develop a digital platform to support our face to face modules, based on a neuroscience model for behavioural change.We have arrived at a wonderfully holistic, flexible wellbeing program that is able to be tailored to both individuals and organisations, to deliver behavioural change for lasting impacts on employee wellbeing.

Altius Group clinical and organisationally trained psychologists, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, occupational therapist and vocational counsellors have all been key to the program’s development. Our experts have years of experience in their field, speaking with employees and identifying the barriers to optimising their physical, mental and social health. As trained educators, our consultants have designed and delivered a range of wellbeing programs across a wide range industries over the years. This experience forms the basis of a new series of holistic modules, developed to be presented face to face, as part of our wellbeing program.

Along with designing the face to face modules we developed AltiusLife – the behavioural change app, which underpins our program, supporting participants 24/7 to improve their wellbeing. AltiusLife supports the step by step behavioural change and education advocated in the sessions that leads to forming healthier habits. This unique combination ensures so there is a continuous cycle of engagement for employees leading to better wholistic, integrated outcomes for all through improving mental, physical and social health.

One example of how the face to face sessions integrate with the app to encourage change is with our Move More module which focuses on how to integrate lasting habits into the everyday for health improvement. Participants can back up their face to face session through choosing life actions encouraging movement as a preference on their AltiusLife app and receive reminders to re-enforce the behavioural change.

The digital platform enables participants to personalise their wellbeing program to meet their own personal goals and address their specific wellbeing concerns across their physical, mental and social health.

We’re so excited to have started delivering our integrated, holistic approach to workplace wellbeing.