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Our Vocational Assessment services can help employers and agents to support a broad range of individual employees, by helping them in identifying alternate suitable jobs.

This support can be offered to:

• Individuals who remain employed, however, due to injury or illness are unable to perform their substantive role. In this case, the employer may wish to match the individual with suitable alternative jobs available.
• Employees whose roles are being made redundant. In these cases, employers provide vocational services as part of outplacement services.

What is the Goal of a Vocational Assessment?

At Altius Group our priority, when delivering a Vocational Assessment, is to guide individuals to identify realistic vocational goals aligned to their transferable skills, experience, interests, work-style and abilities, as well as their physical and psychological capacity.

Ultimately, the Vocational Assessment determines suitable job options that will provide timely, meaningful and fulfilling employment for individuals that can be sustained in the long-term.

How Altius Group deliver Vocational Assessments with FuturePathways™

Altius Group provides Vocational Assessments utilising FuturePathways™ - an innovative digitally supported vocational and career matching assessment platform, over 12 months in the making. The interactive platform guides those requiring vocational, redeployment or outplacement support by accurately matching them to the best, most suitable careers.

Group Technical Specialist, Altius Group Vocational Services, Jaclyn Pace says “We combine the use of our FuturePathways Vocational and Career Matching platform with expertise and coaching from our trained consultants, to deliver accurate insights into someone’s future potential. Our support enables clients to find meaningful employment that fits their values, interests, skill-set and motivational drivers, and that is reflective of any injury or disability considerations”.

FuturePathways™ Vocational Assessments - Feedback

When Altius Group set out to enhance vocational assessments the priority was to ensure our new assessment procedures added value and delivered on client’s requirements. Initial client feedback on this innovative, digitally supported vocational and career matching assessment platform is in – and we are pleased to report it is overwhelmingly positive.

Here’s some feedback from a recent client about the assessments:

“I just wanted to thank you – FuturePathways provided a great report that made my life 10 times easier... both when it came to content and formatting. I also felt it is really fair on the employee with realistic feedback on his actual ability and vocational needs. I will definitely be keeping your contact details for future reference” – Specialised Insurer

 Further details on Altius Group Vocational Assessments

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